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Death Cults New Faze Of Human Enslavement.


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Death Cults New Faze Of Human Enslavement.


The events of 2020 were not random, but well-planned, prepared and scheduled religious ritual.

On July 4th 2020 there was a very rare cosmic portent: a great planet parade (all 10 planets of the Solar system had lined-up on one side of the Sun at the same time). The last such parades took places in 1982 and 2002. Notice: 1982 and 2002 were considered to have been the most severe recessions since World War II (what a coincident, right?). How do they call 2020? The same motto: “The Great Reset”. What an interesting pattern.


If you observe what had happened in 2020 and happening now, you can clearly see the well-orchestrated mass hysteria/panic/food shortages, lockdowns, destroyed economies and livelihoods of millions of people. Who had the power and funds to do that?

Follow the money and you’ll always get your answers.

International financial institutions of course (controlled by Vatican and death cults/religions in its core). What is happening now?


The ECB (European Central Bank) is rolling-out 3.7 trillion euro of “help” to the EU countries to restore the economies from COVID. Twice more than the US got from the Federal Reserve.

They call it project “Next Generation EU” (NGEU), in reality it is the Next Generation EU Slaves.




The ECB is lending it out with interests of course.

First back payment in 2026.

Repayment period until 2058.

It is interesting to mention that on the official website of Council of the EU the recovery package is only 750 billion. They managed to bubble it up in more than 5 times during the last several month…




The ECB, IMF (international monetary fund), WB (world bank), Feds got real taste of power, they want to buy it all. They need all the world in their pockets.

The USA and EU are screwed. The central banks own them for the next 28 years.

They are proposing similar amounts of loans to Russia, Australia and Canada now.


First, the ECB, WB, IMF, the Feds and the poppets on their payroll like World Health Organization had created the panics, lockdowns by financing mass hysteria media campaigns, fake scientific, medical reports/statistics, thousands of so called “nonprofit” bogus organizations and major social media platforms that demonizing/banning any oppositions that questioning the lockdowns and requesting real scientific proofs that this COVID19 virus exists and as a result destroyed the economies of many countries and livelihood of millions of people. Today they giving away charged with interests loans to bailout those countries from their own scam. Very clever.


The majority of those loans/grants will end-up in the financial institutions/insiders/favorites hands real soon (back to the “vaults” of ECB, WB, IMF and Feds of course).


2020s great parade planets was a trigger/omen/sign for the old dark religions (death cults) to start a new phase in its death worshipping chronicles. It should have been marked by mass sacrifices. The human race should have bowed to their bloody disgusting gods.


First, by wearing masks. A mask is an ancient symbol of possession/submission/slavery/duality (ritual of silence). It is also a symbol of a lifeless (mute) thing. That is why we see such fascistic censorship and demonizing freedom of speech on all major social media platforms and in usual media agencies, which are controlled and financed by the mega corporations. Basically by the same banks and financial institutions.




Second: by self-isolation, social distancing, quarantine (rituals of self-punishment/sequestration/self-flagellation).




Third: weak and old people must be sacrificed (denied medical treatments and care), therefore many elderlies and disabled people will die (have died) in pain and suffering (ritual of human sacrifices).




Fourth: by money enslavement (ritual of begging): many successful and beneficial for our society businesses were destroyed by lockdowns, so many people have lost their sources of income and now forced to beg the governments/banks to give them money (stimulus checks) to be able to put food on a table and afford shelters. ECB, IMF, WB, Federal Reserve are taking over the world assets as we speak. Trillions of dollars, euro, etc are floating to the markets to buy it all. There will be no such concept as an independent, sovereign freeborn man, woman, or child anymore.




Fifth: by reinforcing fear of death upon the human race and putting most of humanity deeper in the low frequency state (ritual of death worshiping): fear, despair, powerlessness, depression, etc… Therefore cutting them off of the ever-being cosmic consciousness/awareness field and freedom of choice and freewill.




Six: by exacerbation of mandatory vaccinations and “green passports” for all humans on Earth. Genetically modified substances must be injected into human bodies and change their origin from a natural to a synthetic (hybrid) state. Therefore, the corporations/religions will have patented rights on our “flesh”. “Green passport” is a tool to reinforce this process by denying rights to work, travel, study, etc to anyone who opposites and questions the governments/religions narratives/tyranny.




This death cult must be dissolved, it has no power over us, because we know that we have life, love and hope inside of us, and they are and ever will be stronger than death, hate and fear…

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