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Stop using the words "true", "truth"...


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.."real" or "reality" when describing the ideas, qualities, nature, and perceived experiences that are of this seeming "world" that is actually Truth's opposite. In other words; stop giving "reality" and legitimacy to the very thing you are supposedly desireous of not living in/experiencing.

What is the opposite of Truth? Untruth= nothing and nowhere= unreal. Inherently unknowable. Nonsense. Gibberish. Impossible. Fantasy.


Reality cannot exist apart from Truth, they are ONE, as is Life. Reality Is Real Life.


Or fake life. Illusury. Belief in it is delusion. Mass psychosis= this "world". = The Matrix of lies.

This is only if one genuinely has had enough of this thing. It's not a demand, or a complaint, only a suggestion. 

But to the scoffers(agents actually, both conscious and unconscious), I only have one thing to say;   quit  complaining  then. Or  don't.


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