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The collapse of religion and the rise of atheism.

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Just realised that I probably should have posted this in the religion section of this forum. If it's more fitting for it to be there please feel free to move this mods. Thank you.


Today here in Great Britain a particular news story is circulating around the internet. It involves a school in Leeds (incidentally where I'm from) and a drawing of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. You see, in Islam to show ANY kind of picture of Muhammad is an act of blasphemy. The teacher responsible for this has apologised, but it probably won't be enough. The Muslim community are calling for his resignation or firing. If neither happens, who knows, maybe he will be killed by a radical Muslim (I recall something similar happened in France last year and the teacher was beheaded)... In my opinion this is far from a random, disconnected event. Perhaps initially it was, but now its snowballing into a proper news story I have to ask that one question we should all ask... "Why?"


In my time on this forum I have come across many different people of different faiths (or lack of faith). I myself am a lapsed Catholic but I do 100% believe in Jesus Christ and His message. However, I have complete respect for all faiths, and while I do acknowledge a problem within the Muslim community that can lead to radicalisation, I am personally friends with quite a few people of Islamic faith, so I am in no way shape or form an Islamaphobe. I merely recognise the problem within Islam that is definitely there... However, I believe this is being used (along with various other forms of manipulation) to drive an atheistic message. Like the war on our freedoms with the plandemic, and the war against our minds with the rise of AI, this war is probably the most important of them all, as it is a battle for our very souls.


I understand how sensitive the topic of faith is, so let me just say here and now, in my personal belief system I don't think belief in God matters that much when it comes to eternal life. In my opinion, when Christ told us that only through Him could we reach the Father, He was meaning to behave like He did and to love unconditionally. Religion plays a strong part in keeping us grounded, humble and provides guidance and comfort to those in need. The rise of atheism to such a degree whereas religion itself is outlawed (which I believe will one day happen) is the work of Satan in my mind. Just like all the rest of the worlds ills, from the NWO to The Great Reset to Build Back Better, it's all connected.


I feel I've said enough here. I'd be interested to hear some other people's thoughts on this. Do you believe that the war against religion is real? I believe the goal is to slowly wipe out Christianity and then finally get rid of Islam and all other religions as well, as they will be seen as being justified in doing so (because in the end, the only factions of Islam that will be left are the most radical ones). We can already see today how the Chinese government treats Muslims, and we all know that our governments are slowly adopting a China model now, so it's only a matter of time, in my opinion (probably within the next 50/100 years this will really start to bite).


EDIT: For the record, I do believe in the end all this darkness will pass. Religion will never, ever be completely destroyed, but it will be driven into dangerously low numbers (we're talking Book of Eli type stuff here, where there is literally only one copy of the Bible in English left).

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It's also happened on a physical level


These religions were created when the Earth was in a different magnetic wave and energetic field, and different parts of the brain would have been activated.


In today's world, we are in a low energetic state. This means we experience few emotions and experiences and cannot activate the "religious" part of our brain.

Most people just go to work, go home and watch TV, go shopping on the weekend.


Drugs and herbs are also a huge part of religions. Monks drink green tea, which contains theanine which puts the mind into Alpha waves.

You can actually buy this supplement and many people say the effects are the same as meditation.

Tobacco, real home grown tobacco, not cheap rubbish from ASDA, is a deeply spiritual substance and puts the mind into a deeply religious state.

The aztecs knew this and this is why the plant was so revered.




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