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It's Time To Get Real About Vaccines - DELETED BY YOUTUBE!


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"Before anyone in your family gets vaccinated you need to see this video.The vaccine industry is doing everything possible to make sure you cannot get this information." UPDATE (a few hrs. later... Video removed by YouTube for violating Community Guidelines)
Free download of documents, including vaccine information @ https://www.freedomtaker.com/vaccines.html
via www.freedomtaker.com/

COVID-19 Vaccine Risks and Research (March 21, 2021)


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13 hours ago, Deca said:
I started reading the research article from your link and when I came across this chapter :
There are other vaccine risks. Spike proteins also contain syncytin-homologous proteins. Syncytin-1 is necessary for placental attachment in pregnancy. Antibodies against the spike protein could trigger an immune response against syncytin-1, causing an auto-immune rejection of the placenta. and permanently interfere with a woman’s ability to maintain a pregnancy. A syncytin-homologous protein in the brain could cause multiple sclerosis.
I remembered reading something similar in relation to cancer research:

I will now share with you some observations about cancer cells and a classic experiment in which they are compared to normal cells, which suggests a simple answer to how cells infected with the BX cancer virus become cancerous.


It has long been noted that cancer cells act and appear somewhat like undifferentiated embryonic cells. Furthermore, cancer cells apparently have mostly an anaerobic (without oxygen) metabolism.


Note that the only time in the normal life cycle of mammalian cells in which they are of a undifferentiated embryonic nature and also have an apparent appreciable anaerobic metabolism is the period between the time the female egg, the ovum, has been fertilized in the fallopian tube and just before a viable placenta has developed in the uterus.


Geneticists and embryologists have shown that the entire development of the fetus from just-fertilized ovum to the fully developed fetus is governed completely by sequentially read and expressed genetic information.


There is an exceedingly complex genetic interchange and feedback control system in operation. Some of this genetic code is used only for a short period of time and is then sealed away not to be read or opened up again in the individuals existence, except during chromosome copying prior to cell division. Cancer cells act as though they have had some set of embryonic gene sequences reactivated.


However, in the now mature differentiated mammalian cells from which this cancer cell has been derived, the control system that normally would have deactivated this embryonic gene sequence(s) is itself long since deactivated. The cancer cell is in a run away catch 22 situation.

It has been found that many genes occur in sequenced sets in which none of the genes in the sequence can be read and expressed unless the first gene in the sequence has been opened to be read. Just in front of that first gene there is a DNA code sequence which has to have a promoter protein bound to it so that the DNA code sequence reading enzyme can temporarily attach to this promoter protein and then begin reading/translating the DNA code of the gene sequences into messenger RNA for protein synthesis by ribosomes.



It looks like the Covid19 vaxcine is more of an anti cancer jab than a flu immunity. 



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