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We tend to stay in the illusion that a powerful man (an idol) will help us in our day-to-day lives. But, we have to realize that this is impossible.

A fresh example is Trump. People looked-up to him as if for a savior, completely forgetting that he has one of the biggest narcissistic/psychopathic complexes on Earth, he is an inveterate liar and a fraud.

Before he became a President, he had bankrupted several companies with about $4 billion in debts unpaid and walked away from it unharmed.
Do you know for how long you have to work 8 hours a day, without holidays, getting $3,000 a month in wages and not spending it on food, house, car, travel, clothes, etc… to pay back $1 billion?
Staggering 27,777 years. Multiply by 4, it is 111,111 years.
He and his family must be in jail for the next 7,400 generations to pay this debt to the people of the USA.

What has Trump done during his presidency?
Nothing. Except built 400 miles of the Wall between the USA and Mexico, put the country on the lockdown/stimulus checks and as a result destroyed the economy, bankrupted and took over the US oil industry (remember, the oil prices went negative in march 2020, in the first time in human history (of course a coincident), airline industry, travel industry, etc.

Gave his blessing for millions of 5G antennas (they were installed during the fake “pandemic”, +40.000 surveillance satellites and the “SPACs”.
SPAC is exactly the same fraudulent scheme that he has been using to finance his own fake businesses for decades (what a coincident again).

He had not pardoned any of the real “freedom fighters/whistleblowers” Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, etc, but instead several frauds and crooks just like him. Neither he had granted access for the public to any classified files about corruption, mind control and other antihuman government operations in the USA and in the world.

Under his reign social media giants like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc, had started to ban people for alternative opinions about lockdowns, covid19 and states/governments arbitrariness aka dictatorship.

He’d divided the USA in two opposite camps.
On January 6th he’d set his supporters up in Washington and established the justification to label any alternative thinker/speaker as a “domestic terrorist” (new lovely term for a freedom speech admirer). That, in turn, had started a wave of arrests in the country and transformed the US into the police state.

How is that the legacy of a freedom fighter?

After that he has returned to his villas, mansions, hotels, yachts and jets, businesses, while many of his “fooled” supporters rotting in jails and facing decades of imprisoning in many cases.
Some can say: he was almost impeached. Really? On the first session, his lawyer proved that the evidences were fabricated and the prosecutors haven’t even denied it. What a joke. A script. To show off to the public that the “fake enemies” could not overcome him...

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