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The Matrix 4


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Point is children, that 'given the options available', the influence of the feminising agenda and most womens power hungry influencing of males towards effeminate behaviour.


What would you do. Truth is they stand little chance.

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5 minutes ago, Seconal said:

In some African countries homosexuality is illegal. People thought this leader misunderstood homosexuality when he said 'we dont want it in our country'. However he knew that its not biologically determined for homosexuality isnt equally prevalent. It occurs in certain cultures with certain liberal beliefs. Its influenced not by nature but nurture, so it is a cultural phenomenon.


People thought this leader misunderstood homosexuality when he said 'we dont want it in our country'.


Declaring it illegal just means it will go underground. It won't stop it actually happening.

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Anyways this was about the Matrix 4, you tranny hating incels ruined my thread. I just want to see the Matrix, watch Keanu kick some ass and not have to worry about who cut their dicks off.


I just don't have the energy to hate...

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Its a choice. Problem is most people don't understand their choices or when they are choosing. Most people are led by emotions and rhetoric and even when they think they're making a choice, they've already made it.


What they're really thinking about is how others will see them once they find out what they had chosen.

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22 hours ago, DarianF said:

I'd say man up, stop being a pussy, and try and find some masculine endeavors to pursue.


Yes. Contact Sports. Fencing, Rugby, Football. All engender competition and aggression as well as team play and self control.


This is healthy for development especially in males. The effeminisation of males and the masculination of females towards a more hermaphroditic homogenous society is an agenda designed to stream line the worlds working class into a single identity for the working class need not express gender traits as it serves no purpose or advantage towards productivity.


Only the ruling class make proper use of there sexual energies yet in the working class such energies mearly serve to disturb and distract them and others negatively effecting their concentration and production.


It is of most importance to inhibit and discourage any expression of gender speific behaviour before puberty and during. To prevent the unhealthy expression of reprssed sexual energies the working class should be encouraged through fashion and self-esteem, relating to attractiveness, to work hard and work out. This will of course serve to express any depressed sexual energies and also serve to increase chances of having those energies reciprocated by a mate as hard work and exercise are to be considered attractive qualities in a mate thus compounding these beliefs in themselves and others.


Man a few Teachers in school told me 'If you had a brain you'd be dangerous'.


Thank God Ive compassion, else I'd be a real Dr.Evil.


"Hail to the King Baby".








- Those are definitely Shrooms.... right?

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Male or female energy, nothing helped that Speed Racer movie. Oy!


The Matrix (Original), is a modern movie classic. I believe they shot their wads, if you will excuse the expression, on that one and have not really done much else that really measures up, since. Unlike the Coen Bros, whose movies continue to get better. I don't know if having penises has anything to do with their success. Let's just hope they keep their plumbing in tact, for film history sake.


As for me, I'll stick with my reruns of Beverly Hillbillies and Green Acres. I no longer watch ANYTHING from Hollywoodland dated past 1984.



I've a load of DVDs for sale real cheap! They make great coasters!

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