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What should people ask about the vaccine?


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So for somebody getting bombarded with “your jab is ready” texts, what would you advise to ask when the inevitable phone calls come? I know we can just tell them to do one but surely it’s better to ask questions and maybe plant seeds? Anyway, what would you ask? 

I have lined up........


Does it contain MRC-5

Is there a chance of Iatrogenic Reaction 


Any other ideas?? 

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Hi Doctor, I'm just a little worried about this vaccine. You read so much about it, most of it is good, but there are a few points I'g like to clear up :


First, as a doctor, I'm sure you know exactly what is in this. If you could get me a list of all the ingredients, it would help a lot. Also, could you give me a list of all the possible  side effects? I read somewhere that there is something called VAERS, I tried to find it on my computer but couldn't. Could you get it for me and print it out please?


I know that this is an experimental vaccine and it hasn't completed Phase 3 yet and I'm told that it won't end until 2013, so as a participant I need to give my informed consent, so I REALLY need this information.


Can you guarantee me that neither myself nor my partner will be affected in any way regarding reproduction? Can you guarantee that it won't eventually cause impotence or sterility. Can you guarantee me that any children we may have won't be deformed as was the case with Thalidomide back in the 1960's.


I can get my lawyer to draw up a document which you can sign, guaranteeing me and my partner against sterility, impotence. miscarriages or deformities. Once we can get this signed, you haver my informed consent and I will gladly participate in your experiment.


Can you actually see ANY drug dealer agreeing to any of the above? If he doesn't, you wave a copy of the Nuremburg Code under his nose and tell him, it's so sad, nut I'm afraid that I can't consent.


You can do this with your children as well.


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