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Egregious TV propaganda!


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This is a clip from Eastenders that others are mentioning in the mega thread. 


I haven't seen any Eastenders for about 20yrs, so when I just sought out and watched the clip my jaw dropped at the BLATANT, unbelievably undeniable vaccine shilling and slating "antivaxxers" that the show is promoting!


Having not seen the show or any soap opera for so long, looking at it today it's SO obviously just a government propaganda piece pretending to be a soap opera! 


It's COMICAL how obvious it is!


Then I noticed the godawful shitty acting, but that's another story. 





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I hate the soaps and never willingly watch them but I do remember vividly a scene from "Constipation Street" in December 2019,a few weeks before Lurgygate was introduced to the world when a similar "Anti Vax" message was blatantly used when one character was reluctant to have his baby "innoculated" against measles.


So obvious at the time,a precovid programming message for the masses.


PP is the name,Product Placement - "Give us the money and we will ram it down their gullible necks!"


I hate to say this but - "Eddie Booth it looks like Bill Reynolds is a SELL OUT!!"





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I have lodged my complaint with the BBC exhausting the character limit provided.




I have seen a clip from yesterday's (22nd March 2021) episode of Eastenders where three characters are discussing vaccines. The scene is extremely distasteful in that the character Karen, who expresses doubts about having the Covid vaccine, is made out to be a fool. Psychological tactics of guilt-tripping, shaming and emotional blackmail are employed to make Karen look ignorant whereas she makes good points that the Covid vaccines have not undergone adequate testing into efficacy and safety. Also, the fact that some scientists support the vaccines does not negate the fact that there are many experts who have expressed concerns about the vaccines.


I understand that the BBC has adopted a position where only pro-vaccine messages are heard. Those who are pro-choice instead are dubbed anti-vaxxers and not allowed a say on the BBC. It is abhorent that the BBC are using a soap opera to coerce and persuade members of the public into having a medical procedure which does not come without risks which, in many cases, would far outweigh the risk to the individual of contracting and then experiencing more than mild symptoms from Covid-19. Are the BBC not aware of the numerous reports of adverse reactions to Covid vaccines from all over the world as reported via: the Yellow Card scheme in the UK; VAERS in the US; VigiAccess – the WHO's database for adverse drug reactions and; EudraVigilance which is the European database for adverse drug reactions? And, every day, newspapers are filled with reports of yet more deaths and injuries following vaccination against Covid-19. Those affected by vaccines have shared disturbing videos of their suffering including facial paralysis, constant shaking, welts and rashes and other worrying symptoms. Some women have miscarried not long after being vaccinated, even during mid-term when miscarriages are rare. Since when did the supposedly impartial and independent BBC become a pusher of pharmaceuticals?



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They also like to put their sick intentions out there on the scrying mirror,be it televising ceremonies or sinister tv adverts like this:ostensibly for a car but in reality...well for those with eyes to see and ears to hear,the Satanic Agenda is here...




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