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Hello everyone, My name is Robert and for the past 3 months I have been working on this future changing project that can benefit everybody.
I tried to contact many celebrities including Mr. David yet nobody contacted me directly probably assuming I was some whacko crazy guy yet let us get to the point.

Researching all the deception, possible disasters, near future changes that are invetible I stumbled upon this incredible idea that could really influence the future of the many.

The idea is very simple - Creating a world movement that will adress the following subjects:
        1.        Artificial Inteligence (used for control/manipulation) / Automatization of work places that will leave a lot of people unemployed and this unemployment will be rising with the progress of technology - more and more people will become replaceable even the people that are currently doing degrees when they finish their degree will be expandable because there will be algorytzm doing the job better, faster, 24/7 - great example is radiologists that look at the pictures of brest cancers etc - algoritzm can do this much faster and better making these people replaceable.
       2.        Asteroids - The fact that the number of nearby flying object has risen dramatically in the year 2020 and in the year 2021 We have already watched over 25 objects flying very close to our life giving planet - (there are objects that are being found hours before the initial impact) What can our governments do if there is an object on the trajectory of impact with our planet and they only have 5 hours to act upon this? The nuclear strike is the only possible answer from my knowledge.
Additionally the starlink of elon musk is creating problems in the observation of the sky and detection of such objects.
        3.       Sun Storms / CME - If a large CME occours and it is directed into our planet this could result in global electricity loss in the best scenario.
With the loss of electricity comes -
the lack of drinking water (pomps that deliver water to your home run on electricity)
money loses value atms/payment terminals are not working
transport issues cars need to be repaired etc.
This would turn on our survival instincts within hours - fighting for the basic products to survive.
        4.      UFO Phenomenon - Denial for decades of the U.S. government , preparing people to ackowledge the fact that there is life outside earth and We might be seeing a public encounter very soon, preparing the world public for such a possibility in order to prevent mass chaos when it happens. There is a possibility that the part of world population would simply collapse after seeing a UFO encounter - We must give them the possibility of avoiding this deep shock by showing them much proofs and government/military officials going forward with such information - remember recently the Nasa/Pentagon have finally admitted that the UFO occourances are real - doesn't this show the amount of deception that has been done for DECADES?
        5.         SUPRESSION OF TECHNOLOGY/ BREAK-THROUGHS/ PATENTS - there are hundreds of examples of such supression i will only name a few of them
Nikolai Tesla - One of the greatest invetors of all times - if Elon musk would not pick up on his idea no AC motor would be created and our world would again be stripped away from such amazing inventions as electric vehicles.
Stanley Meyer - the invetor of car that ran on water (first when I heard it i was like yeah right CAR RUNNING ON WATER) when you look at it what is water?
H2O - when you isolate the Hydrogen itself it can be used as fuel - all that needs to be done is to isolate hydrogen from water again this man was discredited and allegedly poisoned by the fossil fuel corporations in order to supress his invention to keep control over the population.
Bedini Brothers - Zero point energy creating energy sources that were producing more energy that was put into their inventions, their inventions were supressed and both of them DIED MYSTERIOUSLY ON THE SAME DAY.
There is at least 50 other examples of inventions, patents that have been supressed and the creators of these inventors were either blackmailed, killed or discredited greatly instead of providing them support to benefit the world population.
           6.        Secret World Government - Illumnati/Masons etc
We need to show the world the documents, proofs of the existance of these organisations so they have it in black and white right in front of their faces.
So far all of these subjects are being discredited because our perception of reality is just killed from the day We are born - nobody else can explain this better than Mr. David.
Showing the projects such as silent weapons for silent wars , the 2010 rockefeller report , Alberts Pike The Three world war letter etc.
Anything to prove their exsitance and show the people the truth.
          7.      Climate Change - Adress the changes that can benefit the world - such as changing plastics to hemp plastics which is degradeble in 90days and generally seeking for improvements in that field without taking jobs away from people like the EU is doing.
          8.  SPACE PROGRAM SUPPORT - People should support such companies like SpaceX - the colonization of mars is essential in order to ensure the survival of the human race.
With space travel there are possibilities such as space mining - if We would act now before its possible We could influence the following:
The profits from the space mining expeditions could be used to benefit the poor people that require support - atleast 2-3% of the profit could be directed into the circulation of the people in need. Who will gain most profits from these expeditions? again wealthy corporations that will have enough money and We need to find ways to benefit the people in need not the wealthy people who are greedy and want more power and money. 
By the way do you really think the governments have abandoned the space programs since the 1960s? Doesnt it seem weird that such an important achivement was abandoned or left to develop slowly to say the least? If there would be a co-operation between countries We could already have colonized mars etc. but the division between the nations is outstanding.
          9.   WORLD POVERTY - Seeking for solutions to support the poorest regions of earth and creating ways of help - not only by providing food but by establishing long term possibilities for such nations - Africa is rich in Gold yet there are no authorities willing to create a profitable system to benefit the population in that area.
The britts have invaded Africa in the 1900s - this was one of the most expensive wars in the history of England - WHY? they knew there is a lot of gold there and simply wanted to get it.

This is a brief description of each subject trust me there is a lot more to each one of them.

The main point 

Creating a world movement of people that can commit into change - instead of scrolling down facebook we would give the people the possibility to adress each of these subjects.

For example - an individual is concerned about the Asteroid issue and there is a ready solution which is to create more observation facilities to maximize the possibility of detecting such an object months or even years before the initial flyby or impact - researching possible ways of dealing with such threat by the government officials.
Simply to prepare a detailed procedures if such event occours - if an object is discovered 5 hours before the impact a PLAN needs to be made to handle this threat and by the look of the co-operation of our nations no such thing would occour. 
An individual could simply sign this - with 1-2-3 million or billions of signs of such issue We could influence the leaders/governments to act upon this and simply force them to take actions in these eseential important matter.

The greatest thing about this community is that WE COULD END WORLD CONFLICTS - imagine a conflict between France and England - the countries are going to war 
yet a vast amount of the english nation does not want this conflict - they could simply sign the petition that states

Dont you think this is a great idea to finally use the internet in order to change the destructive path We have all gotten into?

Tell me , am i going crazy or all the celebrities just ignorant and not willing to commit to this great idea?

WHAT HAVE WE GOT TO LOSE? We would use precautions in order to make sure that this community is not another device of control and manipulation.
We could really change the world this way in my opinion by giving each person a possibility to express their opinion regarding each subject and to give them
a possibility of becoming a politicians themselves - we the people would adress these issues better than corrupted politicians and big corporations

Mr. David Icke said - We are having more solutions that bring more issues - is this idea one of them? Would it really bring more negative outcome than positive?

I am releasing a book about this within 2 months I am really curious about the opinion of people on this forum, I am concerned about the future of my children and grandchildren 
and I just need to do something in order to secure the future of humanity. 

Feel free to contact me at <redacted >

Please PM for contact details. (Mod edit) 

Hope to hear as many replies as possible.

I am sorry for the spelling mistakes yet I am no writer, I am just a regular guy that wants to bring change to the world and stop this deception and manipulation that is being inflicted upon us for decades and now with the use of internet We are being surveillenced more than ever. Literary FB knows more about you more than your own mother yet most of the population is not even aware of their doings.

Thank you for reading it and I hope you will see the great potencial of this community, looking forward to your opinion.

Maybe our great mentor Mr. David will have a say regarding this.

Wish you all the best  free thinkers!!!! Question everything and lead those blinded into enlightment and show them the truth!

Yours sincerely

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Guest Gone Fishing...
2 hours ago, robert_rother92 said:

Hello everyone


Hello Robert. 


Thanks for the long and detailed post. 


Please don't post your personal contact details on the public forum. If you want to get in contact with members then please request that they PM you for further details. 


And please don't post the exact same thread multiple times. 

Once is enough for members to see. 


Many thanks.. 

BC :0)


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Well nobody has responded so far, i will consider myself as a crazy lunatic as people are not willing to even answer to this project and what about joining the community.

Good luck with the ackowledging the deception and manipulation, yet what can you really do about it?

We can all ackowledge it, but is there a mutual unition point?

I will finish the book and try to publish it, to show my kids that I wanted to do something yet nobody was willing to support this brilliant idea and give it a try.

Yet by looking at the response of the aware people it is very unlikely normal, illusional population will be eager to join this movement.

24hours and 70 views is good enough for me to show how little of power this project has when it comes to convicing people to join.

I will simply not comment my drop in the belief for humanity, We are simply doomed and unable to even act on simple yet so important ideas.

Good luck everybody in facing the future.

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