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Icelandic Volcanicity ongoing.

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Another fissure opened up yesterday near to the other scattering the volcano camera trolls hither and thither and no doubt the elf 'n safety crews will be out in force later today as the fissure is on elevated ground this time and the lava flow rapid.


Good round up here with links to the cameras.



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Very strange indeed that there was rapid fissure growth and outflow during the middle of the night which basically stopped on the camera.


However here's a shot taken just before dawn today showing the three vents 1,3,2 (left to right) conjoined by lavafields and also a link to a rough map of the area which indicates the probable presence of one large intrusion  rising from great depth there.


Perched on the rise the active 2nd vent gives most cause for concern as it is capable of sending a rapid flow in virtually any direction from that point.






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Another busy night up in the mountains with mountain rescue teams using their vehicles (some the members must be getting a bit tired by now) to escort people out of the area before 11pm. Blue lights on the safe upslope in the distance are sightseeers getting a good view of all 3 vents.






But later in the early hours of the morning after most had cleared the area a fourth vent was inserted between 2 and 3.




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