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Watch this everything you need to know in one upload! Nano bots in the test. Shows it getting tested in a crime lab.


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This is a 2hr video .... It starts off in the worst possible way.  A booming voice and type "All Rights Reserved" .... Now why would you try and restrict the spread of this information by claiming copyrights?? ...Then we have a  monologue from Alan Watts (not Watt) , the stubbiest rubbish ever as we expect from him ...


But then the video got interesting at just before 1 minute ... people jerking around making zombie like movements ... the result of the covid vaccine ! They move like actors from MJ's thriller movie !  Is this what will become of many who take the vaccine? 


I'm not motivated to watch the whole video  ! I already know not to have a nasal swab or vaccine ... but the video does look interesting . 

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I've watched some more of this... really excellent , backed up with scientific documents , and well presented ...


To try to summarize the video , don't think covid is just about one thing , and it's certainly not as primitive as about just killing people.


The nasal swab is about putting nano chips into the brain ...what  they will do is not clear ,it could be to track you , or give you the new currency chip or mind control you , we just don't know ....


The vaccine is about reengineering you , getting your own body to produce toxins to slow kill you , or perhaps turn you into a zombie ... there are a dozen different vaccines companies making these , I suspect there will be a dozen different effects . 

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