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Hello. Some advice and tactics on this from personal experience.


I have been to London with someone on a personal protest at Trafalgar Square (sometime in the future I might post full details) and whilst there and the world media around were approached from two officials that looked like Traffic Wardens/Salvation Armies and told cannot do this here as illegal so I asked them to show us the rules/regulations so a small book was looked into and then told cannot find this protest in so we continued then same people came back with high official and showed me a map (but was for Parliament Square (idiots) so we again continued with the silent protest and holding a petition with QR Code. However to avoid much conflict a deal was struck that we could protest outside the National Art Gallery as this was not council land but CITY OF LONDON. When we walked up the steps several Police appeared and we assumed been lied to and would be arrested but the police pushed back the crowd and we had a space about 20FT x 10FT to walk in. A Policeman said when are you going once the media had started to leave and I said 8pm as I can smell rain. (At 8pm it started to rain hard) 


So make sure officials keep the so called social distance when talking to you as there is a deadly disease and tell them to remove face muzzles as cannot understand the words. The officials in charge often have White and Orange hats/badges compared to normal Blue so refuse to talk to the low ranks. If arrested then relax the complete bodies (like a drunk) then will need at least 4 people to move your instead of willing walking to a van cell. Alternative is to sit down and link arms. PEACEFUL is the method then no excuses to call this a riot and send in the Riot Police. 


Good Luck. Keep Safe. I think marches next month in every shire in the UK would be good idea as then people like me can travel.  

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