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Empire of Aroman Vampire , Eurabian Unioneezer , Brusselian Nazi Habsburg Leopold , Saudi Pharao Suleiman Solomon the Caesar

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return of bling blings 

savilian paedophilian kings ,

solomanus caligulus caesarus adolphius brusselius 

saudickus leopoldius

political  return of the vampire

no humanity development , no real education , no freespeech , 

united slaveowners union empire

they have to maintain  slavery plantation ,

venetian oligarchy party mask  as  united nation

keep humanity divided ,  corona crown in a town

emperor must protect united slaveowners  class system paedophilian  club

holy lolypope with naked nuns   in sex cathedral pub  

fairytale prince riding on epsteins island  , prince riding on black slaves ,

fuckingthem palaces while  monkeys  in a caves

Leopold Habsburger  in Congo , belgium corona crown virus warcriminal marvel , 

saudi britannia , caesars eurabia enslaving  working class , dictate of the orwel  

criminal moneyprining , genetically prior criminal oligarchy and virgin island sexpress 

Solomanic Islands  and Lolita Express  








william slaves.jpg

savile pope 2.jpg

charles speech.jpg

harry nazi.jpg

andrew epstein.jpg


savile pope handshake.jpg

queen saudi.jpg

queen malta.jpg

hitler jesuitcross.jpg



bill gates vaccine.jpg

jimmi savile cigar.jpg



epstein island.jpg

william israel.jpg



queen rothschild.jpg

queen nato.jpg

caesar ave.jpg

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