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Family Pressure and Division


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On 3/19/2021 at 8:48 PM, Grumpy Owl said:

Those same people then start sharing 'messages' along the lines of "I've had mine, you should too", or "I've done my duty", "I'm doing my part to beat this!" etc etc.


Worse than that are those who start asking you "when are you getting yours?" or "why haven't you had yours yet?"




Social engineering.


Peer pressure.


"I've had my jab, I'm a good person because I CARE about others, when are YOU going to do the same?"




The vaccine is NOT compulsory or mandatory, but people WILL be compelled to have it.

I just despair. Why do people (who believe in this stuff) not understand that having the vaccine is, if anything, selfish, as it protects only the person who has the vaccine and turns them into a walking time bomb for everyone else as they can still catch and transmit the virus, but if their symptoms are suppressed they won't know that they should stay at home? Of course, it might not protect them at all since most of them are actually less than 1% effective, so ...
Of course, it's much easier if you don't believe in it, but at least they should be logical - oh, wait: masks, sitting standing, scotch eggs - no chance!

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