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The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

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David Icke is starting to emphasis the nature of Self and Reality more and more...because what's coming isn't going to be pretty or fun...til it's dissolved.

The neutral zone between the 2 poles leads to TRUTH---Above and Beyond,,,before, during and after...IT IS. The 'opposites" in this "world"(dream) are 2 sides of the same coin...they are traps, they destroy the individual and hijack their mind in service to a self-serving/hostile to Real Self, artificial intelligence--egoMatrix.

One works, the other doesn't.



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5 hours ago, novymir said:

There is only ONE TRUTH from which all other Truths and truths must be in accordarce and alignment with, or :they are fantasy=untruth=nothing and nowhere. One thing is unlimited-Infinite, the other is limitation and finite. One is Creative, the other is miscreative.


The small part of the Infinite consciousness referred to as "Lucifer", which seemingly projected itself into the unknown(and unreal)...we are fragments of("seems like being cloned/big-bang-splintered mind). Ego(fraudulent self) took over---grew...the Real original is in over it's head now---overtaken by the illusion/fantasy of separation...fear...guilt...untruth...

But It wasn't abandoned...it only seemed like it.

The story channelled:

Innocence can never be lost or destroyed. Reality and Innocence are ONE.


This "world" is Never Never Land= the opposite of Always Always Land(Reality).

And The Truth Shall Set Us Free

"Prodigal Son"


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On 8/5/2021 at 10:47 AM, EnigmaticWorld said:


Can't be arsed to get into the protocols, but...


Temple priests:




Illuminati shite:




What's the difference?

Saw this today and knew I'd seen Temple Priests somewhere in here. I've seen all the European elite do it, but first time I've seen these two halfwits do it...


oh pLUease... try harder bitches, you won't be welcomed in the club...you know too much.... useful idiots, you'll be lined up against the wall and shot.



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