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Virus, bacteria, or what?


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IMO, ASUS boards are by far the best and their support is brilliant. Just make sure it can take a max of at least 32GB (if it can't its very old technology). The joy of building your own is that you can start with 16GB and later (if you need to, you can just buy RAM and upgrade it, ditto adding Hard Drives. In music, things tend to grow, so being able to stuff 4 internal 2+ TB hard drives into it, is a plus.


I've only ever had one ASUS board fail, years ago and it was almost 15 years old. Pity the memory was DDR1 and the new board wanted DDR3 ditto CPU. LGA775 died years ago, that's why I bought the board + CPU for 150. Took less than an hour to rip out the old board and drop in the new one, complete with CPU and fan., Plugs only fit ONE way. You can't really fuck up. If the board doesn't come with a manual. That are all on the web. ASUS publish compatibility charts for memory and CPU if you have to buy separately. ALWAYS check the compatibility charts before you buy RAM or CPU.


This is the sort of case I would look for https://www.amazon.co.uk/CASE-ALANTIK-CASA52-POWER-SUPPLY/dp/B08QMX4QBV/ref=sr_1_10?dchild=1&keywords=computer+case+with+power+supply&qid=1617427828&sr=8-10

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Most often it happens because of the incompatibility of technical products, so to say exactly what happened will be able to the expert after looking at the laptop. But in short, perhaps drivers were installed, so you need to rule out a virus. Were you yourself ill, I would have sent you to do food intolerance test, and so advise to call a specialist, because here no one sees the elementary screen ..

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