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Deagle Population forecast Vs Vaccine uptake...


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18 minutes ago, BioticBot said:

Hmmm. I've been unable to find the section on deagel which presented the forecasts, I had no issues navigating and snorkling it a few months back. Do you know if it's still there online?







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I don't think this Deagle site is 100% legitimate or trustworthy.


If you scroll to the bottom of the page and read the explanation regarding these statistics/assumptions, its not very professional written (unlike most official documents/sources), and admits to numerous hoax's/tactics used by the global elites to engineer the political and economic environment.


If this Deagle site was an official government, military or industrial organisation this would never be discussed or disclosed as openly as it is on this website.


I think this site is made/edited by a group of military enthusiasts who maybe have an interest the current hoax's/theories in the world, e.g. covid, chemtrails, etc.


Any thoughts? Maybe I'm wrong.   

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