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Pessimism On The Covid Crisis


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On 3/18/2021 at 9:23 PM, Shining-one said:

I have a few points to make. I may be wrong, of course. It's just my current take on the situation.
(1) Human beings have become "feeble minded", insecure and often paranoid. I believe the root cause of it is the Social Media and I.T. experiment. This led to a decline in skills, potential, industry and a huge decline in education as well as social activity. Therefore people are existing with no purpose or sense of adventure and risk. Little wonder what we see unfolding is widespread mental illness.
(2) I believe this "dreaded virus" is real enough but vastly exaggerated. It does pose a risk to those with underlying health problems. However, drug companies and politicians have vastly exaggeraged the risks and fooled many others in government to over react.
(3) We are totally justified to reject this vaccine if we choose. There is ample justification as politicians are trying to grab a share of the drug market, putting lives at risk.
(4) I personally don't believe the vaccine was designed to poison us. I just think it's been rushed. I am against such products unless the risk is one similar to AIDS, which really did kill. I think excessive medications are crippling our immunity. It's no longer medication but a crutch.
(5) I advise avoiding media and negative publicity that personally just winds me up. Media is just full of negative scare-mongering. I even avoid newspaper headlines.
(6) For this current defeatist hysteria to abate may need time. Probably it will destabilise society so much, lessons may finally be learned.
(7) Friends and family must be free to make choices you may strongly disagree with. This is about the freedom to just say "No". It's the concept of vaccine being forced that's the issue for me. My friends have accepted my view and some have changed their former position.
(8) We need to avoid a whirlpool of negativity. Stop saying it's hopeless. Stop giving strength and credibility to a useless, defeatist ideology. Let it fall when people finally realise it offers nothing at all.


^ This! 👏👏👏👏👏

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Last night I loaded my dvd on haunted houses which had a documentary on the Salem witch trials. Not sure why Salem is so often quoted as there were witch trials all over Europe.
Anyway, Salem was affected when some girls started to see visions after trying out divination with eggs. They also had fits. The rise of puritans in administrative positions soon led to random accusations of witchcraft. The sheriff tried to force confessions by strangling the accused. Trials were held and witnesses came forward to give testimony.
Imagine if Salem had had the internet back in 1690? The power to amplify and spread hysteria as we see today. All over the globe.
You have to ask: How can people today be so damned stupid? How in this modern age can even politicians be so ignorant as to believe in such utter nonsense? These ludicrous random tests are no different than the floating on water test. Some weeks ago my neighbour - a young girl - had allowed herself to be tested by one of those shambolic testing devices. "Witch!" cried the hysterical testers. "Thou doth verily harbour the covid cantagion. A fine be imposed upon thee if thou doth wander beyond the boundaries of thy abode."
The bewildered girl shut herself away. Myself I chatted to her as normal. Weeks passed and not even a sniffle. Not from her, or anyone else.
The reality appears to be some people in poor health have encountered a new strain of flu and that's one aspect. With many others it's pure hysteria, with psychosomatic symptoms. Add to that plain mediaval ignorance amongst politicians.
Already the question must be asked: How can we have gone back in time to the kind of thinking that prevailed in 1690? Surely with discoveries made in psychology in the 19th century and knowledge of science passed down, this should have been exposed long ago.
How odd.

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"In a mass hysteria, people of a group start to believe that they might be exposed to something dangerous, such as a virus or a poison. They believe a threat to be real because someone says so, or because it fits their experience. Due to the threatening delusion, a large group of people gets collectively very upset. In other words, a threat, whether real or imaginary [17], causes collective anxiety [18]. The group members may even start to feel sick. Group members might also get symptoms of sickness including weakness, headaches, or a choking feeling, which are propagated to other persons. When a mass hysteria causes physical symptoms, it is called mass psychogenic illness or epidemic hysteria. The symptoms are caused by the stress and anxiety people experience due to the perceived threat [19]. Mass hysteria is infectious [20] and may be a contributing and amplifying factor in real epidemics.

While there is—to our knowledge—no literature on the political economy of mass hysteria, the literature on mass psychogenic illness is rich and focuses on empirical analyses of specific cases. Kerckhoff [21] analyzed the case of sickness that spread among workers of a plant due to the belief in a poisonous insect. McGrath [22], reviewing cases of mass hysteria, found that persons of low status in high stress situations after a triggering dramatic event are most responsive to mass psychogenic illness. Schmitt and Fitzgerald [23] analyzed eight cases of mass psychogenic illness among workers. They found that low income, dissatisfaction with superiors, lack of support, and unclear work assignments led to a higher average number of reported symptoms."


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The Megathread seems very pessimistic again. One thing I learned was something from my former years in bodybuilding. You gain something by blocking off negativity - main reason I ditched tabloids and regular TV.
I just walked out to do some shopping and guess what? Unlike last time I didn't see a solitary soul venture to the front door of their house for Boris's candle lit rememberance. I walked right up the main road and not a squeak. What does that suggest?
Here's the bottom line: Why give credibility to the deeply misguided adventurists who continue to gradually alienate themselves? I say, stay positive, set an example to others and cut these politicians enough slack rope to hang themselves. It's just a question of time. It may take three months, six months or a year but I think this whole mess is going to reap a very bitter harvest.
For us, the priority is to stay balanced and not get radicalised (in as much as this is possible). Instead focus on damage limitation. That is holding onto what we have while this current crisis runs its course.
Why be optimistic?
First of all, stability should never depend upon the mainstream and over focus in that area simply pulls us down into negativity. Also, unlike the Communists in 1917, these people in power are effectively clueless with little grasp of reality. Their actual power is also mostly based on illusion. The only way large populations can be controlled is if they swallow the idea they are powerless. Most of it is propaganda.
And lastly. Some of us believe very vulnerable people probably have died from this virus. That was indeed the original message that was spelled out. In fact, one of the London protesters stated she'd had the virus herself but added she was protesting since it has since all gone too far.
To repeat: Not a soul out tonight at any house doorway. And more people are telling me I was right all along. Not that being right or wrong is something to brag about.

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There is a direct correlation between how much I do in my life to help myself, and how optimistic I am as regards to my own capacity to survive this situation. 


I am not optimistic about the future of this species. As I see it, the majority of people are suffering from a retardation of the ability to think critically. They aren't aware of this, and they have a pathological inability to see it, as well as a pathological inability to see abuse of authority, or draw any kind of line where authority is concerned. This is a problem. The Milgram 'Obedience To Authority' experiment demonstrated why. Even when faced with the reality that they were potentially torturing someone to death by electrocution, they continued, because as they saw it, the big, important Scientist was telling them to do it, so they were "just following orders".


These people literally believe that "just following orders" makes them virtuous. It was a belief which was stamped into their addled, defective brains from infancy onwards, and nobody ever taught them to question that belief. They literally don't understand the concept that doing something awful just because an 'authority figure' told them to doesn't make it right.


I saw this toxic poison all the way along. I knew that this nasty little streak was always there - because I was always the fucking opposite. The 'bad' kid, the 'troublemaker'.


I pray regularly for God to help me see the sheep in a better light. My prayers aren't answered. I resent them. They are destroying their own lives, the lives of their children, and they are dragging everybody down with them. I pray also for 'answers' as regards to how to 'solve' the problems we are all now facing, again; no answers.


I don't give a shit about pubs, sports events, concerts and holidays. These things aren't necessary to survive or thrive. What I care about is being able to go into a shop and buy food. That is all. I need that in order to survive, I will take care of the rest. I am responsible for my own quality of life, and I don't need their silly little distractions in order to have quality of life.


As far as I am concerned, if they punish people for not having this vaccination by banning us from supermarkets, all bets are off, and we have a duty to riot. That is all.

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Being optimistic about the future isn't as important as being optimistic. You can't make decisions for other people but you can stay positive in yourself. This was what Roman Polanski tried to show in The Pianist when Nazi troops marched into Poland. The piano player attempted to survive and he did. Polanski himself overcame childhood under occupation as well as the murder of Sharon Tate by the Manson family.
As stated, there have always been periods of war and instability.
All that matters is to stand up for principles and to stand tall. There are still a few decent, principled people in the world. There are also many people who don't have the wherewithall to stand up for themselves but I guess we all have our flaws. In fact I recall when Ali lost his boxing title most of his friends disappeared. And eventually he forgave them.

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7 minutes ago, Shining-one said:

Being optimistic about the future isn't as important as being optimistic. You can't make decisions for other people but you can stay positive in yourself. This was what Roman Polanski tried to show in The Pianist when Nazi troops marched into Poland. The piano player attempted to survive and he did. Polanski himself overcame childhood under occupation as well as the murder of Sharon Tate by the Manson family.


I will never forget the scene in which Adrien Brody plays Chopin's 'Ballad No. 1 In G Minor'. It's my favorite piece of music ever. God was working directly through Chopin when he composed that. I could spend eternity describing how I feel about the magnificence of that piece of music:



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One simple method I use is a bit like what Ali did before the Foreman fight. That is block off pessimism and build up positive energy. After all, the media was going on and on about how Ali didn't stand a chance. It was said when Foreman pounded the heavy bag, Ali never stopped to look.
One thing that can drag you down is the media. In my view it's saturated with negative, feeble-minded thinking by feeble-minded journalists. I don't even look at newspaper headlines. I can spend the time exercising or doing something useful.
It's not possible to change how the majority think but it's possible to switch off from negativity.

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On 3/17/2021 at 3:36 PM, Bee said:

I've been hearing/reading people saying this for years now. What does it even really mean? Even if more people are 'awake' (personally I cant stand the 'awake' terminology, its so arrogant, egotistical and superior) what's the point if they lack the backbone to do anything about what they have allegedly woken up to? What does being 'awake' matter without any action? It's really just a meaningless sop people use to try and convince themselves and others that things are changing for the better in the human collective consciousness. I think about all the awareness that was allegedly created out of the 9/11 situation. Where has it got us? Nowhere. People are saying the same old thing about 'more' people being 'awake' that they've been saying for years whilst in reality nothing has changed for the better in fact quite the opposite.


I had to go to the supermarket last week. I was the only person in the large, busy Tesco store not wearing a mask. The only one. Look at what so many parents are allowing the state to do to their kids even after a year and more than enough opportunity to see what's really going on. Look at the example they are setting the next generation, teaching them to be passive receptors of oppression and totalitarianism. Cowards creating more cowards with no will or wit to stand up for themselves.


I know there is a core of people trying to stand up and fight back but we are still very much in the minority. even amongst the so called 'awake' population everyone seems to want someone else to fix it all for them or are waiting for some kind of messiah to come and save them. If people still cant/wont see by now that the only ones who can save us are ourselves then what hope is there really? Sorry, I know I sound very negative but I now find it impossible to be optimistic after a year of this crap. I've never despaired of the human race so much in my entire life as I do now. I can no longer find any sympathy in me towards those who are still buying in to the covid scam after a year. Their willful ignorance has caused so many needless deaths and such acute harm to so many. I utterly despise the ignorant, cowardly zombies still shuffling around in their masks, still indulging and wallowing in the covid propaganda and fear mongering.


Awake people are usually very nice peepz, but fk me, many of em r a bunch of useless arseholes.


Just yesterday on an advaita forum I participate in, one dude goes, oh yeah my very good friend wants to commit suicide what video do you think I should show him to stop him from doing suicide? I said wtf man, go round his fking house and show that boy some love if he's you're godam mate, don't show him some video of some bloke he don't know .......


As for the OP.


I am extremely optimistic and feel very honoured to be in these times.


For me it's part of the natural process as move away from devolution towards evolution, from concentricity to omnicentricity.....all  via Senor Shiva - and he can make things painful at times, but hey, what a time to be alive!

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I was watching Boris the Clown on RT this evening. I think I've got the plot - very cunning.


Boris will allow freedom (stressing the need for care etc.,). 


The EU will use the UK as a shining example of how to get our freedom through vaccination. Juast look at the UK, life is back to normal all because of the vaccine.


What they don't say, is that the tests have been turned down ro 25 cycles instead of 45 cycles, ergo, far less positives.


Now the EU can frantically "Jab" as many people as they can, before 'flu season 2021. Then Boris will lock EVERYTHING back down because of a new variant which is infecting and killing people who have been vaccinated. This will be Covid-21 and we'll be back to house arrest for the whole of 2022.  And those who survive will have to take a NEW vaccine, which will make sure that they die the following 'flu season as well.


Isn't the future looking bright?

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I think with masks it's left to the individual to react accordingly. The way I see it is my quarrel isn't with some store manager who himself (or herself) fears getting into trouble. I also have friends who run a store so would not create stress for them.
My quarrel is with the big fish. Those who are pushing this agenda. For example, I noticed Alexy Navalniy's supporters in Russia are huge in number and organised. They are really getting into tactics now and using their internet resources to work out demographics. Not that I'm taking any side but just using an example.
Opposition could be far more effective and also non violent. The main area is in the realm of media. I can see now a great many people are telling me they've had enough of the bullshit. I suppose suspending holidays was the biggest own goal scored so far. That has really rocked the boat.

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Peeked at the Megathread today. What a depressing experience that was. Sure, every so often someone will share useful facts and reports. However, so many of the posts seem to project a "we're doomed" scenario. This was why years ago I ditched watching TV.
The danger is you can create an image of a threat over and above it's actual, factual reality. In that way, projecting the idea we are all helpless victims. To that I will answer that, in my view you become what you think. I've never more recently viewed myself as a helpless victim. In fact I take some pride in the fact while 80 per cent of people are scared stiff of this virus risk, I have no fear of it whatsoever. Let's recall too, those who manipulate others by fear can themselves be manipulated too. That is, hysteria can be a two edged sword. To assume the people now in power somehow have the deck totally stacked in their favour I see as a misrepresentation.

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My other controversial point is that the conspiracy view can inadvertently create an image of passive resignation. Personally I do not see this as a conspiracy. What happens I think is governments and populations simply spread fear and hysteria via the internet and copy policy. Each time one government raises the stakes, others copy. Yet it looks as if they are all forming a unified plot to reshape the globe.
And yet, the facts show Russia and the USA are now very close to conflict and Russia pouring troops and tanks to Ukraine's borders. So certainly no cooperation between governments.
Rather than a well-planned conspiracy the global powers are very much divided. And may even see huge social uprisings within the next six months.

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On 3/28/2021 at 12:19 AM, Ethel said:

I will never forget the scene in which Adrien Brody plays Chopin's 'Ballad No. 1 In G Minor'. It's my favorite piece of music ever. God was working directly through Chopin when he composed that. I could spend eternity describing how I feel about the magnificence of that piece of music:

Ditto. It's one of my favourite pieces of music too. Thanks to Chopin reminding me I do indeed have a Soul, I stayed sane this last year.

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