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A biosynthetic dual-core cell computer from the ETH Zurich

Tom Pescatore

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David, Garrett,

I just found this:


And it confirms what you have been writing about in "the Answer" any many of your other books and presentations. Confirmed by no lesser than the world famous Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule Zurich: we are not "nutters" any more!

"Tapping into these natural processes to build logic circuits is a key goal of synthetic biology. In this case, the ETH Zurich team found a way to slot dual-core processors into human cells by first modifying the CRISPR gene-editing tool. Normally, this system uses guide RNA sequences to target specific DNA segments in the genome, then make precise edits. For this project though, the team created a special version of the Cas9 enzyme that can act as a processor."

There was another thing that seemed too farfetched: That the vaccine enables "remote control of functions". It is CLEAR AS DAY where they are taking this. A dual core computer inside a cell???? No, I don't want the shot, even if it is equal to a "Model T" at this point in time. It is fairly clear where they are taking this - once you get the shot, you're an always connected to 5G biological computer. Maybe that's why they wanted so freaking much additional bandwidth when 4G was not even close to maxed out yet.

I am actually stunned by this. Multi core processing inside a single cell with a DNA tweak?


Info found at Jim Stone's website.

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