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Remembrance day poppy - have we been scammed?


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Does anyone else find it odd that the remembrance day symbol is a poppy. Yet how many millions of lives have been shed over the hidden war for opium? 

I understand the world wars are even a contentious point amongst the alternative community with some not wishing to question the official narrative. With others at the other end of the spectrum stating the concentration camps were actually summer camps. 

I also find the sunflower symbol on the face mask exemption lanyards highly dubious with some reporting the sunflower is a symbol for the all seeing eye. 

Have we been scammed or are these symbols merely harmless?

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The official story is that the blood red poppy grew in the fields of flanders after the fighting and that's why it is used but in the hills of lebanon the women folk used to throw red petals into the rivers which would wash down to the men in the lowlands who would fish them out. This symbolised the emasculation of the god Attis


Certainly when we see displays like that below it lends credence to an occult interpretation:



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