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New bill will make it a crime punishable by jail to tease or insult cops

Poul Nelb

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15 hours ago, oz93666 said:

I think you're from the US Yasmina aren't you?   There , the approach to making chaos is different there  ,they set out to hire thugs .... In the UK the front line police  are just ordinary people , not freemasons ( @Basket Case ) and the chaos is maintained by freemasons at high levels in police and  the CPS not prosecuting and getting criminals back on the streets ....

I am an avid watcher of UK cop programs .... the sort in video below  ... over two hundred episodes in this series alone , they are not faked or staged and it paints a very clear picture . 


For example , there's a law against carrying a bladed weapon on the streets max penalty 4 years in prison ... but in practice from watching this series , the knife is just confiscated and the person not even charged ... So I'm not too concerned about this proposed new law. 


EDIT .... I picked this episode at random , but the first 5 mins  shows a typical policing incident in the UK . .. a police chase for a car that wouldn't stop ... excessive crazy driving , finally  the cop car rams the bad guys causing $1,000's worth of damage ... the car has drugs in it ... all three in the car are released   one is finned $100 , the other given a caution and no one prosecuted for driving offences because "it couldn't be proved who was driving" ..

So the police on the front line do their jobs , only to see their freemason 'higher ups' release the criminals back on the street the same night! 

Lol no. I'm from the UK. 

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On 3/15/2021 at 2:35 AM, oz93666 said:


A very clear strategy of the dark side is to turn the people against the police ... The classic example of this is the floyd BLM thing , the US public really got behind that  , BLM want to abolish police !! LOL .... can you imagine if that happened ? 


Now we have the Sarah Everhard murder , police breaking up vigils , so this is an attempt to get WOMEN to hate the police ...


None of this is by chance , all orchestrated by mind influencing of people , the malevolent ET's working with the dark spirits play people like puppets ....


Police have spouses and children , they want the best for society , but if you start to see them as the enemy , they will become more like the enemy. 



They know what theyre getting in to and its for money and a meal ticket. Some might think they want to do good but they end up controlled and theyl do what their puppet masters tell them or else. The hand cart to hell started around the time blair got in to power and its all been getting worse ever since . Society and people have changed ,its becoming them or us its me me me now,and dog eat dog . Signs of the times and the oldest one in the book that is "nature of the BEAST". There is little common decency left in the world the last year has proved that. Look up and tighten your seat belt.

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On 3/15/2021 at 10:36 AM, oz93666 said:

So the police on the front line do their jobs , only to see their freemason 'higher ups' release the criminals back on the street the same night! 


Don't forget the 'Common Purpose Effect':

The front line officers will all have gone through training programmes, and the content of these programmes will be determined by the 'higher-ups' who will have gone through Common Purpose 'leadership' training themselves.


I don't doubt that freemasonry still has a huge influence on the police, but let us not rule out how Common Purpose has really infiltrated and infested the police and other public services.

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There is a huge protest in Bristol tonight against the new police bill that has turned pretty violent,

I'm interested to see how people on this forum think of the people who are

fighting for the right to protest considering the protesters are seen as "lefties". 

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