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MKultra & Glitches in the Matrix


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Many people have commented on the strange behaviours of certain famous personalities on TV. They refer to these odd stares, strange sentances and weird behaviours as MKultra glitches in their programming.


Well despite offering a few YouTube glitches, I am here to tell you that these weird behaviours caught on camera are actually just pranks. Friends, team mates, fellow presenters and colleagues have been betting one another to do and say super weird things when on live TV. Starring at the camera and saying odd things in response to questions, the prank has spread as far as the White House where Nancy Pelosi randomly says 'good morning' whilst barely containing her laughter.


The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon sends out requests to many sports stars, politicians and TV personalities with the aim of playing a show reel of all the funny things people dared to do and say on live TV.


Jimmy Fallon presents 'Drop It In'.



- MKultra 😂



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