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All the stuff surrounding Joe Biden


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15 hours ago, Tetragrammaton said:

Very interesting video highlighting the many faces of Joe Biden. Plastic surgery alone cannot explain the weirdness factor. For occult students your looking at the side effects of transmogrification. (As an aside do we know exactly when Biden got plastic surgery?!)




both of those videos were released yesterday so they are not old

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Joe Biden's eye filled with blood during 2019 TV hustings (4th September 2019);




Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s left eye filled with blood during an appearance on a CNN town hall Wednesday. As he answered a question about climate change, the former vice president’s eye turned red, and the Washington Examiner suggested it might have been caused by a broken blood vessel, a condition known as a subconjuctival hemorrhage.





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Sloppy Joe 😂


Jill helps Joe put his jacket on as they step off Marine One in Kentucky: President tells flood victims the $740billion Inflation Reduction Act 'takes care of everything like healthcare and God knows what else' as he goes off script

Jill Biden helped President Joe Biden put on his navy blue blazer as they prepared to depart Kentucky for Washington D.C. after spending Monday touring flood damage. The first lady helped her husband find his sleeve as he struggled to get the coat back on after he stepped off Marine One. The two had wrapped up a tour of Lost Creeek, Kentucky, and were leaving its 90-something degree heat for the air-conditioned coolness of Air Force One. The president also dropped his signature aviator sunglasses on the tarmac but paused to pick them up. They appeared in one piece. Biden also had sweat stains on his dress shirt from being outside all day. 





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