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Sarah Everard murder case and calls for '6pm curfew for men'

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5 hours ago, spideysensei said:


I've skimmed it and it's light on evidence as to whether she's real or actor. Maybe i missed something.


Every picture i've seen of her looks like it could've been generated from a site like this - https://www.thispersondoesnotexist.com/ - (notice the fakes all have the same thing in common, no matter how many you cycle through)- so until i see more evidence i'm swayed to your opinion of her being a fake.


Regardless of whether people believe it or not, every pic I've seen is cropped like crazy in order to remove anyone else from the photo - maybe someone can refute that. And she has the same angelic smile in every single shot. No goofy off-guard stuff. Weird, whatever.

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I think this shows just how disruptive the political cult of the left has become. We can't have nice things, they ruin everything they touch.


I tend to see this case as completely irrelevant. Things like this happen. It's a country of millions of people. What's one random case of someone being evil and crazy? We have a system already to deal with that and the notion that this poses any serious threat to women is bonkers. If you're a female or anyone, you're more likely to kill yourself than be murdered.


This shouldn't be anything to do with the left's obsession with fake police brutality or feminism. As for safety, this has virtually no impact on that.


The only real legitimate concern that should effect everyone and cause debate are either the excessive powers granted to police in the name of COVID-19 or their misuse of it. This case is just one such instance of many cases of police impropriety of government oppression through the police but instead the media wants to live in la-la-land.


When I was a kid I saw a black woman killed for real in front of me. The way the left almost idolises black deaths makes me feel really really sick. Usually, it construes them as something they're not.


I don't watch TV but I saw a family member of the couch potato generation sitting there watching TV, things like the BBC and it was just nothing but lies and petty issues such as going on a witch hunt against cricket players for largely innocuous jokes or comments they had been rumoured to have made years earlier. Complete non-issues and non-standards. The term first world issues doesn't even come close to it. I want to be clear, the political ideology I'm seeing from the left is extreme upper class. Normal people just would not care about such petty and trivial things.


I was watching another skit that outright lied about their being lynchings and things like that in the USA when the incident in question I've seen the footage myself and the person was shot after jumping someone with a gun and trying to beat them to a pulp, nothing to do with lynching.


I've grown up in a multiracial environment and I do not appreciate outlets like the BBC trying to stir up racial hatred with this kind of bloodlibel saying why people like me are forming hunting parties to hunt down people that are black. Nothing like this is happening, this is clinical paranoid delusion, fearmongering to the extreme.


What I want is the government to do its damned job and if you're going to make laws against stirring up racial hatred then enforce them, no matter who does it. Go in there, send the police into the BBC, drag them out of that building or their homes and their zoom calls, toss them in the slammer, prosecuted them and lock them up. Otherwise if they're not going to enforce the law then scrap it.

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On 10/1/2021 at 5:55 PM, BossCrow said:

This woman is a terrible actress. I'd like to know what happened to all the money donated to her organisation.


Reclaim These Streets co-founder Jamie Klingler said Wayne Couzens's whole life sentence for the murder of Sarah Everard "doesn't bring her back".




I'd immediately peg her as mentally ill. Talk about too emotional. She's overreacting to something that didn't actually happen to her. If anyone has been a parent, have you ever read a story to a child or shown them a movie where something sad happened then the child is distraught because they react to it like it's real? This is like a variant of that kind of psychosis.


The mental illness isn't random. The media knows what they're doing with fear mongering, exploiting people like this. Who are way too easily frightened and have unreasonable demands of safety. The rape and murder rates in the UK are among the lowest in the world and at the point of diminishing returns. Yet there's always an effort to improve things where possible.


She's reacting like they're going to let him walk or something. Otherwise that this is supposed to be a perfect world like in Care Bears or something where nothing ever goes wrong.


You have a small number of rapes and murders each year. It's not really being reported much. Then suddenly what changes? The reporting. Now you have women like this in a state of hysteria. So what's really causing that? There's no significant change in the phenomena of rape and murder. Only the reporting. I dub this mental illness headline psychosis.


In therapy I'd try this one simple trick. Ask the subject what their emotional and mental state would be like if there were no news papers, magazines, televisions, radios, etc.

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On 3/16/2021 at 10:03 PM, Anti Facts Sir said:

Flicking through some old (March 7th) papers, and came across what I think was the first major piece on this story...a 33 year old woman gone missing on her way home in London. What struck me most was the alleged "last CCTV image" of her. 


It looks like our Patsy friend. The woollen hat, the face mask, it all helps to obscure the features, but the hair and the shape of her brow don't look like the photo we're always shown of "Sarah".



Yahoo have spent $100m on an ad campaign for their various online and mobile services. The one below keeps popping up in my mail browser, yet if you google for it the only results are the other ads in this campaign. Never this.


Remind you of anything?




The choice of clothes (and colours), the girl's hair, the way her hand is clawed in position as she holds it up by her head. Not sure why they didn't go the whole hog and make the woolly hat a beige colour.



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