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Sarah Everard murder case and calls for '6pm curfew for men'

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10 hours ago, Velma said:


I could go into the notorious Ian Huntley’s conviction for the killing of Holly and Jessica, after he had been dragged through the press and sectioned in Rampton Hospital, but they did such a job on him, few would ever entertain the thought that he was innocent. His alleged victims were also identified by dental records and no cause of death was established. Sarah Everhard’s autopsy has also thus far been inconclusive. There are similarities between these highly publicised cases, in the way they are reported. All I’m saying is, don’t believe everything you read in the papers!





The whole Soham murders is suspect. I think there was a post on the old forums. 


Huntley was either a patsy or didn't exist. Either way he was tried by the media. There is also a military connection, as with Everard. RAF Lakenheath was where the bodies were found - during the build up to the Iraq War.


Huntley is regularly rolled out by the scum media to keep people wound up.




Also if you look a the Man U (the red devils) shirts the kids were wearing, there is a 666 on each.

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They claim they can do anything a man can do and are equal in all ways. Yet when a man follows them, suddenly they're a victim. If you can do anything a man can do, then kick the guy's arse like a man would do and stop bitching about it.



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On 3/22/2021 at 1:05 PM, Truthspoon said:


Sorry I forgot the picture:




That's f'd up, I don't know whats worse Saville being friends with Sutcliffe, Bruno shaking his hand or all 3 in the same photo. 

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Men must dress appropriately for the weather and walk head down if any females are in close proximity. Eye contact forbidden.😀




Pregnant woman ‘creeped out’ in Sutton Park after being ‘followed and stared at’ for 45 minutes

The woman said she was followed for 45 minutes to an hour from Town Gate to beyond the Jamboree Stone by a man dressed all in black who kept staring at her

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Amazing how quickly this clusterfuck of a news story vanished from the media. I've heard nothing about the possibly non-existant, or possibly ritually sacrificed Sarah Everard and even less about Patsy the actress. I've not even heard or ever really learnt much about the policeman who was seemingly hung drawn and quartered without any real evidence or otherwise being presented to the public. Scamola on reflection, and I'm glad it was called out as such.  I'll be looking for Patsy to pop up again in the future in a different role, probably with a different name.  They do like to rehash their 'stars' for future roles.

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