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Healing Oracle has always stood with the idea of freedom, health and prosperity for all.

Owing to our public responsibility of ensuring the collective good through responsible dissemination of information, we have come across another shocking account from a scientist relating to the COVID19 pandemic.

COVID is Really Influenza A & B 

A clinical lab scientist from California, specializing in Virology and Immunology has recently come to light when some Twitterazzis retweeted his video. full article and source here INFLUENZA A & B MASKING AS COVID19? (healingoracle.ch)

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Would be a proof that despite Medicine's 'progress' and 'genetics' they still rely on 19th savants and theories to assess Science's latest claims, but these ones only stay valid as long as they're not looked into and checked... the media propaganda machine is so powerful that they don't mind about one-time refutations here and now because they know they won't pass the 'MSM barrier'... most people don't want to know but to believe, and they don't want to think but to EAT... all what meat and TV are for...



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