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School testing (my GF's stupidity)!


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My GF: "It's a pain in the arse having to get [child of 13] tested twice a week".


Me: "Don't do it then, it's not compulsory and it's a disgusting practice". 


My GF: "Yes it is compulsory they must do it". 


Me: "Actually if you check you'll find it's not compulsory at all, it's optional, and it's basically child abuse to force swabs up a child's nose several times a week especially when it hurts him and freaks him out, you should opt him out of testing, which is totally unreliable anyway".


My GF: "Well I'm getting it done anyway". 


Me: "But why?" 


My GF: "Because I am". 



*She's also shovelling cheap synthetic vitamin D into her 3 preteens every day despite me showing her that a) it's possibly damaging their livers and b) hampering absorption of natural vitamin D and c) that their natural diet already contains more than twice the RDA of vitamin D. 


She replies: "so basically I'm poisoning my children?" 


Me: "pretty much but you didn't know that at the time so probably best to get natural vitamins for them". 


Then the next day proceeds to carry on giving it to them anyway.



So, next week I'll be having the breakup discussion because I can't bear to be around this level of willful ignorance anymore. 


Apparently I'm "just overthinking everything".


Fuck me! 😥



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There is no harm taking Vitamin D and in any case the stuff you buy over the counter is so under-dosed, you may as well not waste your money.


The summer weather has been so shitty, where I live that I started taking 2,000 IU daily and have been doing so for the past 2 years, with ZERO ill effects. Natural sunlight is by far the best and a good tan, (which I used to have), but when it rains almost every day in summer and it's always overcast, You have to resort to supplements.


You should NEVER believe what the Govt tells you is the Recommended Daily Dose. Pharma want you always slightly sick, low disease immunity, and generally ill, so they can put you on THEIR expensive poisons to make everything worse. Hence the bullshit about skin cancer, and as a bonus they get to give you skin cancer from the shit the sheep spread all over their bodies


You can get your Vitamin D levels with a blood test. Mine is up around 80 on 2,000 IU daily. My friend (similar size takes the RDD from the shop and his blood came back at 6 (no not a typo - SIX).


One of the other guys at the gym was taking 4,000 IU daily (and he's smaller than me by quite a bit) and he's been on that for years and he's as fit as the fiddle.



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