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Council tax up by 40% while the meghan white queen black queen good cop badd cop distraction show plays out


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Whenever they roll out the monarch or especially harry and Meghan, then always look at what they are distracting us from, in this case, meghan and harry, while the council tax bills have just been issued,  the white queen vs black queen chess game, when they all piss in the same pot.

 6000 a day consultants for test and trace, pierS MorgAn walks out, after challenging hancok for months on GMB who never appears. and then the council tax bills arrive, last year it was 1200 , this year its 1700 thats a 40% increase and there wasnt a single notice or news report.

Whenever they use these stooges there is always a sick opportunist agenda going on.

My bets, as therw is clearly an attack on the wealth of the people.there is second covid coming, They just made trillions out of the covid (manmade gravy train and amazon, and microsoft made billions, then the vaccine in israel first, and the sudden israel space programme that cost trillions, even more than the us space race in 1969, its one massive western union  money laundererstax payers gravy train scam.


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