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Some possible measures to prevent a New World Order under the leadership of the global elite:

All attempts to establish an international system of issuing world money under the leadership and ownership of a global financial oligarchy composed of private bankers should be stopped, until the issue of creating national and supranational currencies or world financial system is resolved  for the benefit of nations or the international public, not for the benefit of the global financial oligarchy.

Private bankers and their dependent politicians and experts should be excluded from preparations for the creation of transnational currencies and world money.


A debate on the ethical models of national and international monetary systems should be launched in world wide scale. The basic guideline of financial systems should be that the public benefit of public financial systems must take precedence over the private interests of bankers, and that issuing banks must not be owned by private oligarchies but by national or international communities.

Private ownership of issuing or central banks, whether national or international, should be prohibited.

At national and global level, all national and international secret associations should be banned. States should fight secret societies in a similar way as they fight terrorists, because hidden societies are far more dangerous than all terrorists combined.

Politicians should swear at the time of their appointment that they will fight against all secret societies and that they will never be their members. If there is a reasonable suspicion that a politician is colluding with anyone in relation to anything against the public interest, such a politician should resign, and  his function should end.

Lobbying should be banned, because it is only a legalised corruption. 

Any covert activities of political and state bodies should be prohibited, including in matters relating to national security, military and other similar matters, because everything is being abused en masse against those for whom security measures are supposed to be aimed - against the people, thus de facto abolishing democracy. The public should have an absolute and unrestricted right to know everything that politics does on its behalf.

Private companies, especially multinationals, and all private institutions should operate much more transparently than it is the case now. The public interest in terms of business transparency should take precedence over the private interest, which is reflected in business secrets established because individual matters on the business agenda are contrary to the public interest, not because they could benefit their competition.  We would need ombudsmen to protect the interests of the public also in relation to private companies, not only in relation to the state. Many big tech companies are much more powerful and influential than quite a lot of today's states. 

It should be agreed  at the international level that all secret regulations adopted by individual countries should be repealed and that any application should be stopped. Secret regulations should be described as totalitarian and inadmissible from the point of view of human rights and democratic principles.

The development and all applications of artificial intelligence on humans, animals or cybernetic organisms and devices should be regulated and strictly controlled by law.

The use of psychotronic technologies in humans should be strictly controlled and regulated, perhaps even banned, in particular its use without the knowledge and consent of those involved.


The use of any electronic implants in the human body should be regulated and strictly controlled, perhaps even prohibited, and in particular its use without the knowledge and consent of those involved.

The setting of standards on permitted levels of toxic substances in food should become transparent and should be subject to prior public debate in the professional and lay public.


The sale and use of medicines should be approved in public bodies that operate in a transparent manner, and should also be represented by alternative experts and lay people of the interested public.

Natural medicines should become an alternative to synthetic medicines.

Children and young people should be brought up in the spirit of human virtues - selflessness, truthfulness, honesty - which are a condition of freedom and democracy. Violent cartoons, violent computer games and violent movies should be banned.



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Following the example of the Georgia guidestones, a monument could be erected on which 10 guides to humanity would be carved.


Humanity Agenda


I. Ban all secret organisations.
II. No public or private organisation should hide anything from the public.
III. Central issuing national or international banks should be publicly owned.
IV. National/state secrets should be made public to prevent abuse.
V. Private companies should also operate transparently and not against the public benefit.
VI. Prohibit all monopolies, all privileges, political and economic.
VII. Repeal all secret regulations and prohibit their adoption.
VIII. Regulate and control the development of psychotronics and artificial intelligence and their implants in the human, animal or artificial body.
IX. Ban virtual violence in the media because it translates into real violence.
X. Educate the youth in the spirit of human virtues, which are a condition of freedom and democracy.

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Hi guys,


As I can read only a few people are able to think outside the bubble (using verticality). David is one of them and that's why he's out of misleading and manipulation.

For the few that can really connect themselves to something greater than themselves, I'm actually starting a business in parallel with an alternative economy model!

The business is for leading the way as an exemple, but the alternative economy model is designed to dry governements funds while starting to save the product of our work from bankster's influence.

I really think the best way to reverse the steam is by getting back our economy, and this can be done by starting a completely new economy model, whitout money, but on a time-based trading value. For the economy to get sustainable, you need some kind of triangulation between the partners of this alternative economy. Each partner needs to equalize his "buyings" with his "sellings", having idealy a balance of 0 time-based value (this leads to values circulating inside the alternative economy, thus outside the capitalist model we all know too good). Let's say I'm a baker, and I need flour to make my bread, imagine I don't really believe in this new economic system, but I'm curious to see what it's like to be part of it. Let's admit that investing 1% of my net benefits is a reasonable risk for a try, and let's assume that the miller has done the same bet as me and gave it a try with 1% of his net benefits. Both have the same net benefits, so we can both trade the same time-based value of goods: the miller sells me 1% of his net benefits in flour and I can sell 1% of my net benefits in bread to the partners of my economy... let's assume my customers are all workers proficient in milling and that the miller needs extra hand to mill the flour. Now we have a sustainable triangulation between 3 partners, who all exchange the same amount of time-based value for trading goods and services: this 1% of their net benefit is out of the capitalist system...tax free, interest free...completely in our contol, whatever happens in the world or in the country. As the baker, I see this is good for me and good for all my partners as well, so I decide to invest all my net benefits in this alternative economy, in order I declare the minimum income to the tax office of my country; no more money neither for the state nor the banksters...any value I created is mine and only mine!

Now, as you can imagine, there is also a need of transparency (trust-wise) to have a reliable ground to grow clean and safe: ask 3 partners to account for a new partner to enter the alternative economy, and make him sign a testimony of whom he swore allegence to (freemasonry, Lion's Club,...any secret society!) and kick him out if he lied or acted against all the partners.


Stop masturbating your brain and start acting as the creator of your own dream-life...be creative and do what you know to be right for god's sake!


Now you have two ways out of this mess: David's one (we all throw our masks in the bin) and my one. Good luck on this.






PS: a hint for gathering base-product businesses in your alternative economy: propose them to extand their activity at the desired percentage through the use of extra hands found in the pool of unemployed partners of the economy.

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