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The Occult aspects of the Harry & Meghan interview.


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No one has picked up on all the technical stuff so i am just going to get stuck into it;


1: Meghan being suicidal at Buckingham Palace (whilst pregnant)


At the 40 min mark of the interview Meghan reveals how she "felt" suicidal during her pregnancy at the palace. Meghan was exposed to the low bass vibration energy that permeates Buckingham Palace. Meghan was subject to a demonic attack. The attack was meant to siphon off her energy/orgone. A non human entity was trying to feed off the unborn child's essence & kill it. also what it reveals is that Buckingham Palace is being used for occult/"satanic" rituals. The morphic-resonance-field around Buckingham Palace at that time would have a heavy repulsive, negative Satanic feel to it. the only people at the palace who would have been able to do these rituals unhindered would have been senior members of the royal family & maybe their private secretary's. Meghan wouldnt know this. but she would have felt it.


2: The palace wouldnt let her leave the palace to go shopping & to meet friends at a restaurant.


This reveals that it was intentional. They wanted Meghan to be exposed as long as possible to the low base vibration energy at the palace. The longer she is exposed to the negative energy the more she is fed upon & raises the probability that she will lose the baby/miscarriage. Security has nothing to do with this. In the interview she states that she was told that neither she nor her child would receive protection or security from the palace. So why did they insist that she remain at the palace?!......



3: She told palace HR that she felt suicidal and that she needed help & support.


Again we see that she isnt going to be helped. Even worse by her revealing that she felt suicidal to staff it would have revealed to the person who was doing the occult rituals at the palace, that their occult practices on Meghan were working. Again just to repeat this, they refused to help a vulnerable pregnant woman.


4: The issue of the child's skin colour being raised by a senior Royal.


This has nothing to do with race. This is to do with the blood line. This is to do with one of the family not being able to be a vehicle for "them". Or not having the ability to phase/shapeshift. So Meghan's child will be protected from their occult practices by not being of any use to them due to not having the same bloodline. This is why she was told the child would not get a title or receive British state security or protection.


5: To make matters worse the occult entity was successful. Meghan revealed that she was subject to a miscarriage in 2019. She lost a baby in 2019. So again a pregnant Meghan and her child were subject to a demonic attack; https://www.entertainmentdaily.co.uk/news/meghan-markle-reveals-she-suffered-a-miscarriage/





6: The low base vibration energy & the occult entity followed them on royal tour. Note the incredibly disturbing behaviour of the small child in the crowd. The child is freaking out & is seriously frightened. Its like the child has seen something horrific & evil , and cant put it into words. It neither has the life experience or reference point. Also how did such a small child manage to get apart from its parents?!;


Note the video's title downplays what happens here. The child appears at around the 2min 36 sec mark. ;







To make a comparison here is video footage from Dec 2018, where a young boy freaks out in the presence of Elizabeth II. The boy is so repulsed by her presence that he runs away and hides from her. This would have been around 7 months before Meghan's miscarriage;







Now the world knows that the British Crown / Six Ravens family are engaged in repulsive & Satanic magickal practices.









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Tranny Sparkle Markel was wearing a moon bump. This thing was spotted going on a plane at 8 months pregnant in stilletos! Icke seems to think these royals are all reptilian, I don't know if I agree with that theory but the royals are definitely satatanic peodo baby eaters. I don't know how people can support these inbred freaks. Everyone has to bow to the queen, someone needs to spit in her face for the crimes she has committed against innocent little children. 

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Its amazing how many actors end up in powerful positions


Donald trump a reality Tv star becomes president of the US. Zelensky a comedian who played the ukrainian president on television then became their leader for real and megan markle who has supercharged the woke message by riding on a royal platform

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I often wonder if almost everyone we see on TV is in on the pedo thing. Not that I watch much tv😬George Carlin said (It's a big club, and you ain't in it) David Icke says a lot of celebrities and politicians are introduced to trauma based mind control from the time they are young children. It creates alters in the mind and you can activate these alters by using a colour, word, or sound. I understand their handlers do this. What I'm trying to say is, do you think these people are born monsters, or do you think they could have been normal if it wasn't for the mk ultra? 

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