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The politics of demographic globalization - the betrayal of Europe

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The last doubt about the real intentions of the European globalist political elite was refuted by the adoption of the Marrakesh Declaration, which practically grants illegal migrants the right to invade Europe without restriction. What has Europe gained in exchange for free entry from migrant "exporting" countries? Nothing! It is a unilateral commitment by European countries to accept migrants from Africa and Asia indefinitely. Isn't that the same as betrayal?


We can imagine what would happen if it were the other way around: if millions of indigenous Europeans migrated illegally somewhere in the Middle East or Africa. They would certainly be labeled as new crusaders or neo-colonialists - and so they would be accepted. Europe, on the other hand, welcomes illegal migrants with open arms, who are in fact a kind of invaders, colonizers of Europe. In the long run, the migrant invasion will produce the same result as the defeat in the war: the cultural, ethnic, demographic and political transformation of Europe, a kind of Africanisation and orientalisation. European nations and their culture or civilization will disappear, there will be no more autochthonous Europeans.


Don't Merkel, Leyen, Macron, Johnson and other European politicians see this? They see, but they don't care. They are forcing a globalist agenda against the will of European nations, regardless of the devastating consequences for European nations and indigenous Europeans.


The modern forced colonization of Europe is taking place at a time of heightened sensitivity to the rights of indigenous peoples around the world. If the European colonization of Africa, the Middle and Far East and other regions of the world was violence against the people there, then the ongoing colonization of Europe by Afro-Asians is also violence against Europeans. If all the indigenous peoples of the world have an inalienable right to identity, so do Europeans, who are also indigenous to their continent. Illegal immigration to Europe under the pretext of human rights, with illegal migration not being a human right, is an abuse of the human rights institute to trample on the fundamental right of indigenous Europeans to exist.

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