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The Dark Comedy of InCels


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Recently I found an InCel site. I often cross many moany-ass, blame the world, woe-is-me type fools but these Incels really take the cake.


This is how Incels see the world, men and women. They're truly at the bottom off the socio/sexual hierarchy and are tortured by their belief that life is unfair, that 'Chads' (sexually successful males) are undeserving and that they are entitled to women.


As if charm, isn't more important than looks. To a Woman it goes personality, dependability and then looks. It's their inner ugly that puts women off.


So come take a 'Black Pill' and John me for a giggle at the world most pathetic group, Angry Sexist Virgins.













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Since ancient times conquerors who have entered your country will kill the strong men so that they can thieve without opposition.  They did this in several ways, like the kings right to the first night with all brides, or they took 1 in 10 of the men and executed them, or they made an example of particularly strong types to warn others.   It continues today with an all out onslaught on masculinity.  The mental damage that results in the population is what we can see today.


Such are the ways of this species that has used its limited intelligence to invent countless types of evil.


One of their tricks is to introduce impurities into society to weaken them.  Bringing Opium into the country, or booze, or foreigners, or feminism, or quantitive easing.  They know where this will take the country.

They prey on the weak, or use overwhelming force ... they never engage in a fair fight because they are cowards and liars.

They are concerned only on maintaining their domination, power structures and control.  And every word they say is a lie to this end.

Where there is a hanging, everyone comes to watch.  It is through ritual violence that society feels 'safe'.  This is the level of human beings.


The species is very primitive, but unfortunately a part of man has evolved and is more intelligent ... this mix leads to great corruption, evil, and suffering for everyone.  It is an ugly world.


John 18:37,
"For this I was born, and for this I came into the world, to bear witness to the truth. Every one who is of the truth hears my voice."

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42 minutes ago, rideforever said:

an all out onslaught on masculinity.


not enough people have an understanding of this - let alone are willing to speak about it.


& "onslaught" is absolutely not a fucking understatement.



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Men exist in a socio/sexual and emotional/territorial hierarchy. For women they attain power from balance and equality en group, however men form an order and those at the bottom are subservient and those at the top will undermine those strong threatening men that wish to attain the throne, firstly to retain power and secondly to instill fear in anyone else with the audacity to even think of challenging the top dogs.


Men exist as Kings and peasants and all between along the order of masculinity. A show of power is as effective as actual power, effecting hearts and minds is better than individual and direct action.


Incels have been given a platform and a voice, they have a belief system and support and influence each other. Their views on women and men as well as themselves are distorted and perverted by their obsessive, depressed and negative beliefs that are more damaging to themselves than they are true or helpful. Their support groups reflect and amplify their negative beliefs and are damaging to their psyche.


As opposed to helping them get over their sexual issues their Incel groups form stronger negative beliefs and cause more pain and suffering instead of seeking help and therapy they turn to anger and hate because I believe they are scared to admit that they are losers out of pride because they cling to the fallacy that life is unfair and that they deserve women because they are educated, employed and act 'nice' etc. These are not the most attractive qualities (despite the belief these warrent their deserving) and especially when one has an obsessive, creepy, angry and generally unbalanced personality and personality disorder.


Most men dint know that women are most attracted in order to Charm then Production/Obedience/Stability and then lastly, Looks.

  • Women want babies with men with the most free, charming and funny personalities, good looks and boyish youthful charm.
  • Women want to marry men who are the most stable, obedient and productive.
  • Women want to sleep (recreationally) with the most attractive, least clingy and easily discardable men. Simple and without strings.

Incels are very sad andmisguided yet they are damaging themselves and one another by wallowing in their depression, flirting with suicide and obsessing over sex. Maybe Yoga may help, a prostitute, a female therapists or even Ayahuasca.


Main thing is they must stop seeing women only as sexual objects. It makes them nervous and phony around women and it creeps women out and quite rightly. They must firstly work on their relationships with women, starting with the basics and moving on. They all desire sex obsessively and are driven mad by their lack of fulfilment and constant masturbation that fuels both their shame and desire. Non of them are ready for a relationship with a women for they would become obsessive, untrustworthy, angry and even more jaded.


They must start by making friends with women, maybe first with their mother's if that relationship is poor and then move on. They must stop seeing women only as sexual objects of desire.


Finally the term 'Incel' is a misnomer, they are not celibate as celibacy is actually a holy relationship with sex and not just abstinence. Secondly masturbation negates celibacy as does thinking or fantasizing about sex. Even sexual desire when seeing an attractive women negates celibacy as it is also the control of ones mental and spiritual sexual energies.


The fact is Incels have an extremely unhealthy relationship with sex and Women as well as their own sexuality. Celibacy negates all sexual desires and incels are very much the opposite to celibacy.


They're not celibate, they are addicts that can not attain their unhealthy desires because they repel and repulse women.


'Looks mearly allow you to better express your inner ugliness'.



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