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Hello, has anyone heard of the quantum finance system? And had it been debunked? 

it’s supposed to be the collapse of banking as we know it, replaced by a gold and silver backed crypto currency (possibly XRP). 

if anyone has any links or info I’d be most grateful. 


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Isn't this a topic on social media? It's just that I've seen a lot of bloggers talking about finance, and I'm sure they've mentioned the quantum finance system. Personally, I have never seen financial blogs describe all the information in detail. Still, my friends say that they have come across this many times. So, I was thinking of starting a financial blog with radicalfire.com to help people understand this topic in more detail. However, I am afraid that few people are interested in finance these days, and I will spend my energy in vain.

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if Q is a larp why is the fake news media still threatened by it 7 months after Q's last drop.

i dont know what to think of the QFS.

some ppl i follow say its already happened,  others i follow say its bullshit.

when you hear ppl talk about it saying its good you can also apply it to a nwo single currency which is not so good.

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