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Writing that post above literally made me cry, its still raw.


My background was council flat, queuing up for free school school meals, charity shop clothes and a school dropout. I got a big red birthmark slapped on my face and was called smudge, bodge face and patch as a kid.

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That only works in Germanic languages though..... I'm not sure he planned things quite that far and could foresee the creation of English where sun and son are homophones.   You're right tha

Dare To Find Out What You’re Really About   Proverbs 23:7 “For as he thinks in his heart so he is”   We were taught in childhood about how good-natured we are.  So we take it

The Sun is not a burning ball in the sky, the Sun is the portal from which The Truth and Salvation(awake-remember) comes into and out of the dream of lies, it is an entrance and an exit. The Son is th

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The bible is corrupted. Yes. Everything of this world is either distortion ,deception, or cheap copies of Something Infinitely Greater not of this world. It is operating in it though.

No one needs to accept the Jesus story to know The Truth. But once they've got The Truth, I cannot envision them as denying the Divinity and Truth of the One known as Jesus. IT expressed ITSELF through him. IT is The Truth of (and Within)Everything GOD Created(all-encompassing). That which is not of That is nonsense, gibberish, fantasy, illusions, dreams of lies. EgoMatrix.

The body is nothing, The Spirit Is Everything. (yeah, I know, that won't go over well for many or most in this world(a bad movie), they won't like that description either, until "what goes around, comes around" visits them too, and it will as long as untruth is adherred to).



ps; "Christian zionism" is an oxymoron

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