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What GOD Created is Eternal.

Cannot be harmed, damaged,  lost or destroyed.

Is Precious beyond measure.

Beautiful beyond words.

Innocent and True and Real Forever.

Worthy without question.

Completely Loving and Lovable.

Creative like ITSELF.

Forever Joined with ALL of Creation.


There is no will, but GOD'S Will. There is no Self, but GOD'S SELF.  There is no Life, but GOD'S LIFE. ALL IS ONE.  AS GOD CREATED IT, AND IS.

There Is no Reality but True Reality.


Anything else is a FICTION. A Self deception. Denial of Reality, which has zero consequence and zero effect on anything. A momentary trip, tuning out of Reality. Time is an illusion. This "thing" is already over in Eternity.



This is what is meant by, "...No One comes to The Father(GOD awareness/remembering/Reality) except through Me..." : THE TRUTH(I Am).

No untruth is allowed outside of the "world" of untruth=ego-Matrix. Truth is attacked within the "world" of untruth(and counterfeited). But It cannot be "killed", or suppressed forever,, in the anti-Truth(anti-Christ) world that WILL EXPIRE by it's own nature. Inevitable---

The liars can keep lying...they're pissing in the wind...the guilt is unwarranted...and untrue.


"Sin" is a lie. Ego sins. Ego punishes. Ego=2-faced hypocrite tricking people to identify with it(fake)=Satan, and it's fraudulent "reality"(miscreation). It uses seduction and trauma to recruit, like cancer--it's nature-- the opposite of The Truth(Reality).

Christ rejected the idea, and held to The Truth, Being-Becoming That--Being/Becoming Real.

Anything else is a denial of the Nature of GOD and Reality, and projecting the opposite.

Sorry, that's just the way it is.









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The Truth erases "karma". Karma and "reincarnation" is an ego scam, an attempt to make the ego immortal(cancer immortality), and imprison a part of The Son('s consciousness) in guilt forever.

We really have nothing to learn, we have nothing to atone for.

We need only Remember


What GOD Created can do no "wrong". PERIOD.


that's why; "my burden is light"...

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More Bad News:

Spiritualism and Christianity Are Not the Same.


Genesis 3:4-5

“And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die:

For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.”


From The Great Controversy by Ellen White, published in 1858


Spiritualism teaches that man is a creature of progression; that it is his destiny from his birth to progress, even to eternity, toward the Godhead.”


It teaches “Each mind will judge itself and not another.  The judgement will be right because it is the judgement of self...”


“The throne is within you,” said another spiritualistic teacher, as “the spiritual consciousness” awoke within him.


“My fellow men, all were unfallen demigods.”  And another declares, “Any just and perfect being is Christ.”  


In place of the righteousness and perfection of the infinite God, the true object of adoration, in place of the perfect righteousness of His law, the true standard of human attainment, Satan has substituted the sinful, erring nature of man himself as the only object of adoration, the only rule of judgement or standard of character.  


This is progress, not upward but downward.  

K carry on with the rad music videos.  😀

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I know nothing except that which The Truth gives me. I need know nothing else.



I Am Everywhere! And I Am not bound to "time". But the blind still refuse to SEE and Hear.

The Real Never dies

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Pontifex Maximus - Pope Francis calls opposition to Covid vaccine ‘suicidal denial’ and says he will get jab




Does the PONTIFF have no faith in GOD?



Ark of the Covenant De-Coded 5.jpg

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Dare To Find Out What You’re Really About


Proverbs 23:7

“For as he thinks in his heart so he is”


We were taught in childhood about how good-natured we are.  So we take it for a fact and live our entire lives neglecting to examine, not just our actions, but our innermost motivations.


Repentance is a dirty word.  Like sin, we deny its existence because it’s not good for our self-esteem to investigate the darker regions of our own hearts.  


It’s awful easy to see the glaring flaws in others, but the inward gaze is fraught with justifications, excuses, and denials.  Jesus sees what is behind the masks that even the most skilled therapists cannot see.


There’s a level of repentance that is done initially.  For some it takes many months to go through all the things that have caused pain and destruction to others.  Later, things come to mind that have been long forgotten.  For awhile one feels pretty caught up!


But later on one may come across some recent, seemingly harmless exploit that gives insight into one’s deepest intentions.  When examined, it brings to light the vain, callous, calculating, and duplicitous contents of the heart. 


It is a devastating shock to reveal just how far from good one truly is once the layers have been peeled off.


Jesus pleads for us to repent so we can see clearly our own start point, and begin to learn honesty, for our own sakes. 

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Yeah, stop believing the deluded 2-faced ego-mind/fake god of this freak-show world.

Ego plays both sides, superiority and inferiority, both untrue identities, not opposites(one overt, the other covert---arrogance=ignorance=darkness), ALL of GOD'S Creation is like GOD, and only like GOD. The only difference is in Magnitude---As GOD Willed It. There are no slaves in GOD'S World. Enslavement and restrictions only begin in hell. Hell is a perceived disconnection/interuption of conscious contact/communication with GOD and resultant MISCREATION in a dream state(deceptive nightmare).



GOD did not Create defective or corruptible Life.

The liar says/implies IT did.

The liar lives off of the consciousness of those that believe them(they're virtually dead/asleep). The liar knows how to subvert, and trick it's unwitting hosts into self-defeating ideas and fictional identities, it's fueled by fear/guilt, that it projects openly on others, and attempts to convince the fingerpointer that it is innocent.  This is called "false-witnessing", along with any untrue perception, the witnesser is not seeing Truely(as GOD Knows and Sees IT'S Creation), and claiming it as "reality"/true... this is a trap... that cannot be escaped, they are then bound up in the delusion/Matrix and they will be as they have accused the "other" of being, in one form or another. The parasite knows this. Keeping Creators like GOD projecting untruth=miscreated illusury "world".


The only way to claim the innocence that is guaranteed by GOD is to extend it to everything, without exception(forgive me my illusions). Without that, hell will be home until this is done. Because one cannot see what Truely IS, if they refuse to accept The Truth of All-Encompassing Reality.

Faith is trust in spite of seeming "evidence" to the contrary. The 5 senses cannot be trusted.


(Nearly)Everyone here is in over their head...what the Matrix teaches is lies and more lies... The Truth is the only way to Wake Up. Best get with it soon...ask and it is given, it is within and everywhere, It never leaves Us.


ps; fear of GOD is insane...DUH!!(ego fears IT)

The Love God has for IT'S Creation is beyond,,, beyond,,,, beyond ,,,belief,,,IT Is more than AWESOME, more than IMMENSE...no words can describe IT...






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The Evil Samaritans


Everyone is told that story of the good samaritans ... help this help ... everyone is so nice like in the lion King, we all dance together in a rainbow.  Right.


Matthew 10:5-6
These twelve Jesus sent out after instructing them: “Do not go in the way of the Gentiles, and do not enter any city of the Samaritans; but rather go to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.


Jesus did say that Samaritans (ungodly) could do good things, and that God was open to them and that you should help them if you can.   But he did not say not to recognize that they are ungodly.

There are too many ungodly insincere and evil people to live like that.  The good much protect their own and indeed Jesus instructed that.


The decline of Christianity (or at least what is said of it in the media) ... comes exactly from picking only the verses of the bible that have no strength or discrimination in them, only those which are full of victimhood.  And they are chose by the degenerate drunks who populate the "media" and tell you everything you ever heard about Christianity.   All of which is a lie.



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In the Parable of the Good Samaritan, Luke 10:25-37, the one who had mercy came from the least likely place.  


God’s chosen people ignored the suffering man and stepped over him.  


The lesson is directed to all believers:

We cannot presume we are holy and clean, nor should we presume others are not.  We are all sinners.  


I personally cannot say how I would act under duress.  Would I go into the burning building or run away?  Would I render aid?  Would I renounce Jesus as my savior if it saved me from persecution?  Many have.  


Jesus knew Peter would deny him when the time came and it was so.  Jesus knows us more than we know ourselves.  The only thing we can do is continue to let him transform us, so when our time of trial comes we will act with mercy and bravery.  


In Acts 10, after the stoning of Steven, Jesus instructed his disciples to go preach to the Gentiles, symbolized by the unclean animals.   


By going out into the world and showing mercy through our actions we do what is required and bear fruit.  

For instance in the US there is another great influx of Central Americans.  Is it right that the border has been opened?  No.  Will it bring the wealth of middle classes down?  Yes.  Is it our concern as Christians to worry over our wealth being taken away by powers over which we have no control?  No.  

It is our commission to minister to the poor, to help those in need, to feed, clothe.  To not turn our backs on anyone.  And to not fear for not receiving what we need because we are in God’s hands. 


The coin 


The Jews ended up killing Jesus.  If God’s original chosen people were capable of such an abominable act, what does that mean for us?  We must be on guard for our own souls against all manner of corruption, never resting on our laurels.  Because none of us are holy, none worthy, not even through good works. 


The flip side 


Matthew 17:20

“If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.”


Through faith in Christ, even the Gentiles, even the lowest of the low can receive his power.

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“By smooth talk and flattery they deceive the minds of naive people.”  Romans 16:18


As adults, just how naive are we?  Or is there something more?  Is there a willingness to be deceived and if so, what is the source?  


For example, a lady in Minnesota falls in love with the laziest Nigerian scammer and sends him all her money.


She chooses to believe the smooth talk, the flattery, despite all evidence to the contrary.  She chooses the lie and becomes deluded.


Deeper still is the very identity of women which is so far removed from our original purposes that we don’t even recognize what those are.  Instead, we buy into a lie of what being a woman is.  Of course this is not unique to women. 


“And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.” 2 Thessalonians 2:10


For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way.”  2 Thessalonians 2:7


“The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure.  Who can understand it?” Jeremiah 17:9


The mystery of of iniquity is in the individual heart.  In failing to examine the iniquities therein (ambition, lust, greed) we fall prey to all manner of deceptions. 


And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie.”  2 Thessalonians 2:11


“With Him is strength and wisdom:  The deceived and the deceiver are His.”

Job 12:16


God sends deceivers our way.  The deceiver is just doing his job, testing our will and exposing our deep motivations.


God also sent His Son and Holy Spirit to guide us to truth if we choose.


The challenge God is presenting us with is to see through our own delusions, renounce them, and choose to live in truth.  


God wants to show us the heavenly things.  

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So im going to use your format on your first post.

Jesus’ message to Mankind is simple, have 100% goodwill for your enemies, pray for those who are killing you. If you do this then you will be like me and have happiness and joy in eternal life.

Jesus’ message to El was simple as well, “forgive the most wicked generation Father, for they and all humans, do not know what they are doing in this life”

He then proceeded to go to the underworld and bridge the gap between the pit and paradise and showed everyone to the new earth- in other words time had no hold on his work. The ending of a life is an illusion, the actual death is life without goodwill towards all things. Hell is an Augustinian idea, and the first Caesar(Augustus) was the Christ of Rome, while Jesus was the Christ of Heaven

Thus, he has judge mankind, and the verdict is ‘forgiven and freed’
His name was most likely Joshuah of Nazareth, and it could have been a religious order, but I doubt it.

It is through the eye of the needle, which is a place. Mistranslated on purpose.

‘Judge not’ is more complicated than a non-saint would be able to understand.

The church is the people of God, all humans are the church. The saints are committed to furthering the Kingdom in this world, and they are what people should be thinking of when they say traditional Christian church.

I love your comment on selling in the church building- but we are the building, there is no “dwelling of gods” besides our bodies.

ha satan [the accuser of the saints] is a serious threat to this day for the walk of a Christian. He is not the devil, nor the serpent. All different beings. The closest being which is assumed to be all of these was

Ba’al, a.k.a. Jupiter, Zeus, Thor, and several other names. He is what people are thinking of when they think devil, him and the nature god pan, another superiorly evil being, literally the creator of panic, anxiety, and fear.

magic… ah magic… I love the stuff, keeps the lights on at night 😉

hexes[pronunciations of doom on a person], curses[violent hopes for another], swearing[taking a vow, promising], speaking/writing [spelling, verbally or physically], praying[petitioning for help], blessings[ petitioning to help others], miracles[providing proof of sainthood and the power of El]

all of those are magic.

Constant connection to El through the Holy Breath is done in many forms. I will only go into this if asked, and I have a lot of views on the subject.

I love you for your view on animals!!! Omg this is making me so frickin exited for the future.

Jesus did not have to go anywhere to find info from monks or the druids, they all came to Jerusalem for trade and to worship El and teach. The world was very connected back then, and information flowed at a steady pace around the earth at a slow wave from on side to the other.

The last thing anyone needs is a literal, faithful, translation of Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic- they are so foreign that unless you are trained for years in them it doesn’t matter what syntax you use, you will never understand its meaning. When I realized I was raised up reading Greek and Hebrew with English words, I was furious, cause it meant I was literally speaking Greek to my teachers, friends, family, and community, while they all spoke English. I was so angry but it helped me figure out how to TRANSLITERATE my language into theirs.


what's your name?

Translates literally and faithfully to

You the name?

while it transliterates to

what is your name?





Translates literally and faithfully to

For favor?

While it transliterates to




Completely different language using the English vocabulary  and Spanish syntax and saying gibberish to anyone in either language.

It’s the same when I speak, I speak Greek, Aramaic, and Hebrew syntax using the English vocabulary. Everyone thinks im crazy but im just speaking a foreign language :-\

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Thanks for the reply!


I recently found out that Hell is a Christian myth and the Devil, good to fill in some details. Like wise the devil not being the serpent and hence the serpent in the garden of Eden was not Satan.


I've also read there was much more movement in the ancient times. The Buddhist and Hindus was an influence in Israel back then. I'm reading now the spiritual teachings may have started in Europe, went Far East then came to Middle East, turned into Christianity and bought back to Europe. It seems the Druids when they heard the teachings of Christianity recognized it as their own teachings and converted on the spot, even encouraged the building of churches in their sacred groves.


Unfortunately I am at a point where I am throwing out a beautiful copy of the Bible as I now see it as a book of lies. It even has a picture of a white Jesus on the cover. I just can't trust it, I thought of keeping it for a reference but what sort of reference is it if you can't trust the verse to have been accurately translated. I now am buying copies of the Anchor series Bible for its translation but I realize the ancient writers are trying to put into words ideas and visions that can not accurately be described with words and human constructs and then you have the translation process which can further muddy the
waters with the possibility of transliteration mistakes you mention.


Can you tell me - is the ascension story in the Greek bible?

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Is Jesus really depicted as white?  No I don't think so he normally looks mediterranean, where is he a while northern European?  Never seen that.  And so that is more or less accurate.

You have to remember that in China or in Siam, Buddha is depicted as being a little more Chinese.  Why? Well to help the local population identify with it.

Same with advertising when advertising or book publishers publish they use local actors and language.


To imagine that this is a Christian only lie .... this is really stupid, I mean you have to be very very stupid to not see that everyone does it and it's not necessarily bad.


What colour was Jesus, he was mediterranean.


Another important thing is that Jesus wanted to plant his light inside Israel but they rejected him and his Apostles, so it got planted elsewhere most notably in Rome ... this was not planned but the Romans connected with it and if their paintings are somewhat Roman then that is fine, they deserve it.  After all Jesus' homeland did not want him.   Mary Magdalene ended up in Southern France so the European deserve all credit and can paint any paintings that look like them because it is them that became Christians.  Christianity is indeed white.


So throw your Bible away, that is a good thing.  It is good for the kingdom of god that imposters don't go in.  That's why Jews never convert anybody.  The threshold for entry is very high, most enter the gate of destruction.


As for all that talk of SIN in Christianity.

Why does Christianity talk about SIN so much?

Well it's like this ... you go to church and speak to a man of God and reveal to him everything you did this week that you are ashamed of.  It's like psychotherapy, same thing.  And he listens and he is trustworthy.

Of course on shit-planet ... neither the therapist nor the priests are fully trustworthy so you should be careful ...and if you are careful you can find someone who is reasonably trustworthy.

And you tell them all your SINS all the things you hate about yourself or others all your aches and pains all the defilements.

With therapy they will then bore you with some long-words and show you some diploma they got in counselling and it's just meaningless - well at least they listened to you.

The priest will tell you to say several Hail Mary's and Our Fathers ... when you do them you initiate a high state of consciousness and light inside of you ... which cleanses all the darkness that you have revealed.

That is how these practices work ... first you bring your darkness out ... by revealing your inner lust hatred and foolishness .. you are honest about what is inside you ... you dare to be honest .... then you bring in the Light to wash it clean using these ancient practices.


But ... modern people their whole and when they die ... all they are thinking about is house prices and how superior they are.  They don't need to do any work, they are already full of themselves.

That is why the enter the wide gate.

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1 hour ago, rideforever said:

What colour was Jesus, he was mediterranean.


Well yes, according to what I'm reading the man we call Jesus The Christ is based upon the life and teachings of Appolonius of Tyrena, a Greek philosopher. Of course the Bible says Jesus was from Galilee which puts him out of the Mediterranean and more eastern.


Anywhoo, the picture below paints Jesus definitely towards a white man imo rather than a Mediterranean person or more Eastern person, Mediterranean's generally have dark hair. Its taken from the Holman Family Bible.






So throw your Bible away, that is a good thing.  It is good for the kingdom of god that imposters don't go in


Always with the insults. Very Christian of you, so much for Love your enemies, seems the teachings are lost on you.



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Why did you chose that Bible?  It is a very bad choice.  Firstly because the guy who invented it was editor of the NKJV ... the KVJ is a glorious Bible triggering all sorts of emotions rather than reading it.  Secondly the Holman people have for instance got a website full of black people because it's popular and they are interdenominational and interfaith ... in other words they mix everything together and follow no actual tradition.

All these are the marks of assholes.

They also did this version in 1984 ... what the hell for?  Arent' there enough already, but that is vanity.

So why did you chose this Bible a very bad choice.


I would get the Douay Rheims which is an old and calm simple Bible.


So yes many reasons to throw it out and who gives a shit about the painting.  These people are idiots.


You do not chose carefully, and being nice to you is clearly not going to work.  Buddha for instance, like many Indian sages, only woke up after he got smacked in the face many times.


In this particular era it is very clear to me that crocodile tears and crocodile compassion and sodomy tears ... are everywhere.   The disgusting corruption of everything holy sane and normal is everywhere.

You are lucky is someone smacks in the face when you do something wrong ... without that modern people will simply not do anything.


Lucky for me, I had half very tough childhood, and half very kind.  It was good.


So I guess you were raised the way you wanted, everyone being really really really nice to you.  Explains a lot.


As for Jesus people only (mis) remember the parts which they hope give them license to carry on.


They don't like to remember the part about most people entering the gate of destruction.  Nor the part when he said to the vain middle class that they lived in poverty and they were the poverty itself.  Nor the part when he said to his students to sell their cloak and buy a sword.  Nor the part were his charity was not the plastic money of today's Islington charity businesses .... he touched them and they were cured.

Nor the part when he took demons out of a man and put them into a herd of pigs and sent the herd to death over the edge of a cliff.


Who can help people on this barren planet.

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59 minutes ago, rideforever said:

Why did you chose that Bible?  It is a very bad choice. 


Yes I know now it was a bad choice.



So I guess you were raised the way you wanted, everyone being really really really nice to you.  Explains a lot.


Sorry but your way off. Mum and Dad split when I was 4, dad had nothing to do with us, mum was an alcoholic that used to beat us. I ran away many times, picked up by the Police, i told them what was happening but I was just taken home and handed back over to her. I faced suicide at 11 years old.


 I've worked for everything I've got, which isn't much. I've tried my best not to follow the example of my parents and find my own way. People have told me I've done very well considering my upbringing.

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