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The Concepts of Madness

Anne Watmough

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Hi! From time to time like clockwork i have become insane since the age of 17.  I go through having delusions, paranoia, audio hallucinations and mania sometimes mild depression and suicide ideation.


I have been reading Mr Icke's  latest book The Answer and in it he writes why he believes some people like me have voices in their head. It does give more of an explanation that psychiatrists do but it did not convince me totally because psychiatrists know very little.


It appears to me that insanity is pure perception. Perception doesn't have to be based on fact like a believe in God or everything you read in a book.


My perception of reality breaks up when i become insane, which they like to say is an illness treatable by big pharma, so sometimes when i am sane and i know the difference believe me , i tend to question everything. I believe i use parts of my brain that others don't.


Mr Icke talks about the collective consciousness which was a belief Jung held and which is why he split with Freud after many years. I cringe when i think i might be part of a collective consciousness or unconsciousness. I cringe at the thought of Satanists and what they get up to. I cringe at the thought of God.


I am quite happy to die one day.


I would like to see this planet exist and go on living for quite a while yet.


Question?  If we are all part of a collective consciousness what on earth is the point of living in our bodies? There is absolutely no point in that not even for the experience.


As a creator of life and a woman i believe that this world is male dominated and always has been because men have brute strength and only because of that.


If women were given complete control over their bodies which they are not and had access to contraception then believe me this world would stand a better chance.


As for us all being slaves! Well, that hasn't changed has it lol Human beings have always had slaves.


And green lizards and shapeshifters? Well real truth is experienced isn't it? Most people aint experienced that.


I'd be interested to know what people's response was to this post?





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