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Climate Change a real thing or a hijacked agenda?


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It is man-made. They are not lying about that. They can manipulate the weather for decades and now it is the right time for them. 

The earth doesn't care about plastic at all. When we are all gone the earth is still here and nothing is left from us not even plastic. 

Di d you notice that they are not talking about nature anymore, only climate. 

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The whole thing is a big scam invented by the people that did Enron fraud. The idea was to take over the environmental movement, redefine pollution as a consumer caused problem, monetise and legitimatise corporate pollution on the stock exchange with carbon credits and eventually create a tax based on carbon dioxide. The primary aspect of the misrepresentation or fraud was the use of CO2 as a by product of combustion and using the green house effect theory as the primary reasoning behind this global threat. 


The reality is that CO2 is not even a primary by product combustion and only amounts to 30% of the by product of combustion even at the highest instances. Most instances of combustion result in particulate matter and carbon monoxide. 

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The climate change agenda is being pushed hard again.


First things first.

Climate always changes. Thats a completly normal thing. But it takes a lot of time.

Earth exist a lot longer than humans and a human life cycle is an eye wimper for earth.


The question is if humans play a significant role in climate change and data shows, humans play none.

The climate doesent change that much in 100 years either.


And once again:

We are dealing with psychopaths in the ploitics and beyond. Those are criminals and they act like criminals. What does this mean?

The idea alone that politicans and the people beyond do something for the climate and the world at large is already so absurd, it cannot even be formulated into words.

They dont care for earth one little shit, because they are so so cut off from life, they lost all sense of empathy for anything. From that alone one should know no one is doing anything for the greater good up there.


I mean look at this Covid jab madness. If that isnt genocide, i dont know anymore what is.

And they are still pushing it. For Christ sake they DO NOT GIVE A FUCK.

Whatever comes from their mouth, its always horseshit. Always.


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In The Answer, Mr. Icke writes of climate change being connected to weather manipulation, via the use of satellite systems, and how what's been really fueling all this is technocracy. Once again, Icke is spot-on, as he often is.


Now we are hearing of a Bill Gates-funded project called "Stratospheric Controlled Disturbance Experiment," which is said to have the goal of supposedly wanting to cool the earth by releasing artificial particles into the atmosphere.


All this ties in to the book I am currently reading: Under An Ionized Sky by Elana Freeland, which aside from the The Answer, of course, is in my opinion the most important book anyone could be reading right now.


According to the authoress, our weather is not only being modified but even weaponized by means of electromagnetic technology.


Involved in this vast Mephistophelian plot are military psychos, Deep State lowlifes, and other contemptible riff-raff.


Aside from geoengineering, somehow tied into all this is what is termed full spectrum dominance, the Space Surveillance System, transhumanism, and a whole bunch of other nasty stuff.


Most people know nothing about any of this and probably continue to believe that CO2 is the greatest threat to our well-being. What nonsense. The process of photosynthesis is absolutely divine.


What isn't divine, in fact the very opposite of such, is all these self-appointed, soulless megalomaniacs out there wanting to play god and fuck with Mother Nature.

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Scientists admit that they have been experimenting with weather manipulation for at least a century. Cloud-seeding is not new, but it has been perfected to a level where companies offer their ‘rain-making’ services in drought-stricken regions. Hurricanes can be diffused or intensified and the jet stream can be steered away or stalled over a specific region. They can even create lightening!


Yet, the result of this geo-engineering programme is not an ideal climate for agriculture, with maximum food production and abundance as you might expect, rather it’s the opposite. Unprecedented flooding worldwide, landslides, sink holes, mud tsunamis and liquefaction, record-breaking drought, raging wild-fires and an increase in earthquakes and volcanic activity.


Tampering with the elements has only brought death and destruction, evacuations, homelessness, displacement and the ruination of crops and livelihoods. There is not one place on earth where they have used this technology to create a paradise for the inhabitants, with seasonally clement weather. Instead, they have unleashed environmental chaos for man and beast, on land and sea.


Then they cry “climate change” as though they can do nothing about it, when they are proactively manufacturing it with Directed Energy Weapons, while blaming and penalising us. What a ruse, who would believe it? Especially when the ‘great and good’ of society have adopted this hoax as their primary crusade to unite the world. A diabolical scheme devised by the Club of Rome in 1991.


“In searching for a common enemy against whom we can unite, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like, would fit the bill. In their totality and their interactions these phenomena do constitute a common threat which must be confronted by everyone together." (The First Global Revolution – a report by the Club of Rome.)


An area the size of Wales is ablaze in Siberia and epic fires rage across the western United States after record-breaking temperatures. China experienced a year’s rain in two days, causing a deluge in Henan province, which they claim is the worst flooding for a thousand years. However, I doubt China has had floods like this before, because they didn’t have dams then, two of which have burst!


They mock us by claiming intense rain and tidal surge is due to a “moon wobble” when the moon has never wobbled before and if it has, I didn’t see it! How can they prove that? With astronomical calculations from “experts” which no-one can understand, or refute. While smoke belches from uncontained fires and active volcanoes, covering the atmosphere and blocking out the sun, they want to prevent you from using a log burner in winter, or having a barbecue in the summer.



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On 3/6/2021 at 10:23 PM, Diesel said:

I respect David Icke but I believe he is wrong on climate change. The seas are changing in temperature with coral reefs dying off. The rainforest has been decimated. Plastic has been found in the snow of the north pole. Human life is destroying the planet. I believe that the change is real but has been hijacked by the elite to further a nwo agenda.

Weather Warfare is a tool to 'further a nwo agenda' whilst it masquerades as "Climate Change"..  It could do floods and cooking.. no problem.

Like Covid "Climate Change" is engineered to further that NWO agenda... It ticks all the boxes for change as they want it...

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