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Elimination of male supremacism


The goal of feminism since the emergence of the women’s movement has been the emancipation of women in relation to men. But formal equality does not in itself guarantee the actual social emancipation of women, so after it was achieved, the goal of women's movements became the abolition of the social supremacy of men. This was most visible in politics and its subordinate state institutions, but of course it is also present elsewhere, especially in the economy. In order to eliminate male supremacy, it was necessary to formulate an appropriate theory and, on its basis, an appropriate practice. Thus arose the modern feminist ideology that underlies the feminist cultural revolution. There are different branches of feminism, from moderate to left and right extremes. Extreme currents, backed by the LGTB ideology and Soros-type sponsors, seem to have gradually taken the lead.


On this basis, a social theory of gender emerged, which argues that gender roles are socially conditioned and as such changeable. Even biological sex is supposed to be something relative, and an individual, a trans-sexual, can choose it for himself. It is obvious that this sexual ideology enjoys the great support of the ruling Western elite. The reason is because transgender people actually create feminized men and masculine women. Both contribute to the feminization of society and thus to the elimination of male supremacy, which is the goal of the elite.


In addition to biological differences between the sexes, there are also psychological differences between the sexes, which advocates of gender equality argue are not innate but nurtured. Psychology does not agree with this. Boys and girls show different interests from an early age. Boys reach for different toys than girls. When they learn to read, they read different books. As they browse the web, they search different content. During puberty, when adolescents are fully aware of their gender and also the biological meaning of it, the differences in preferences are further emphasized. There are also significant differences in the choices of men and women when choosing a profession. Of course, it is possible to neutralize and redirect innate tendencies through education.


If psychophysical differences between the sexes are socially constructed and discriminatory towards women, they can or should be eliminated and thus social gender equality established. This, of course, also eliminates the supremacy of men. The emergence of feminism in the West is instrumentalized by the globalist oligarchy and, especially through excessive migration, is directed at the destruction of Western civilization created by predominantly white men. European rulers, statesmen, scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, soldiers, artists, philosophers, etc. until recently they were predominantly male. Men have been builders of civilizations throughout history. Whoever wants to destroy a civilization must incapacitate its men. Therefore, in particular, a man must be deprived of political power, which is closely linked to the defense of the nation-state.


In history, the subjugation of other countries or nations took place mainly through wars and physical subjugation. Today, this also happens in soft form through the psychosocial indoctrination of the male population with an anti-masculine ideology that suppresses and transforms male psychological traits and turns them into a powerless object of authoritarian manipulation through the education system, media propaganda and through legislation. Feminist ideology is a handy tool for this task.


If the sexes differ according to their basic preferences, this can be artificially changed through intensive indoctrination and administrative measures. They invented women’s quotas that are positive discrimination of women, but they are also discrimination against men. At the same time, quotas are also an implicit sign that the sexes are different in their interests, so women should be legally forced to do something that is not one of their top priorities. Of course, they use women's quotas mainly where managerial, primarily political, functions are shared, rather than hard work and responsibility for measurable results. There are no women’s quotas in construction or metallurgy. Where there has been a planned feminization with negative consequences, for example in the public administration or the judiciary, however, no one raises their voice and no one demands male quotas because this is not politically correct.


The global elite that actually rules us understands very well how to use the method of divide et impera - divide and rule - used by the ancient Romans is used. Gender segregation is also part of power games for power,  and money. Militant feminism has thus become part of the power strategy of the leading Western elite. The latter abuses women's movements to achieve their strategic goals. Most feminists are probably unaware of this. They think they are fighting for women’s rights, but in fact they are being abused and implementing an agenda that is not theirs.


While feminists can say whatever they want at the expense of the men and the alleged injustices they experience, different or opposite opinions, views, and even facts are politically incorrect and very rarely get into the media. Masculinism as the opposite of feminism is a barely noteworthy category that practically does not appear in public discourse.

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