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The Throne of Allah - Mindblowing

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Just a lot of mad nonsense from men with too much facial hair.


Like God cares about your beards......or whether you're circumcised...lol.....


They claim they know something. They know nothing. They have given no useful insights about the true nature of God. Shouting doesn't make you wise.

Only Jesus perceived God directly and could describe his true nature.





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1 hour ago, Truthspoon said:

I read something that made me laugh the other day.......  A Muslim's idea of sexual chastity according to Sura 25 is to have sex only with his wife and slave girls.

Anything more is asking too much apparently.


Lol. I don't want to start slagging off Islam but the Sura that got me is the one which instructs slave owners on the rules of prostitution. If you have a muslim slave your not allowed to prostitute them unless they agree to it, but if you have non muslim slaves then your allowed to prostitute them whether they want to or not. Thats Gods stance on slavery and prostitution.

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3 hours ago, pi3141 said:


Lol. I don't want to start slagging off Islam but the Sura that got me is the one which instructs slave owners on the rules of prostitution. If you have a muslim slave your not allowed to prostitute them unless they agree to it, but if you have non muslim slaves then your allowed to prostitute them whether they want to or not. Thats Gods stance on slavery and prostitution.

lol where is that sura?

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47 minutes ago, shabbirss said:

lol where is that sura?


I'd have to dig out my Koran. Is it not in there then? I'm not prone to making things up. I was given my copy by a Muslim friend, its validated by some Islamic council from memory.

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2 minutes ago, pi3141 said:


I'd have to dig out my Koran. Is it not in there then? I'm not prone to making things up. I was given my copy by a Muslim friend, its validated by some Islamic council from memory.


I guess its this one - 



Chapter (24) sūrat l-nūr (The Light)

But let them who find not [the means for] marriage abstain [from sexual relations] until Allah enriches them from His bounty. And those who seek a contract [for eventual emancipation] from among whom your right hands possess - then make a contract with them if you know there is within them goodness and give them from the wealth of Allah which He has given you. And do not compel your slave girls to prostitution, if they desire chastity, to seek [thereby] the temporary interests of worldly life. And if someone should compel them, then indeed, Allah is [to them], after their compulsion, Forgiving and Merciful.


Dug out my Koran


Light 24-33

You shall not force your slave girls into prostitution in order that you may make money, if they wish to preserve their chastity. If anyone compels them then surely after such compulsion, Allah will be Forgiving, Merciful


I think I was reading an Islamic analysis of the verse and it was reasoned that if your slave girl is a believer and wants to be a prostitute then that is ok, if they don't want to be then you mustn't compel them, but if you own non believer slaves then do with them what you will.

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Love how you slag off the only religion in the world which teaches the freeing of slaves.... 

Furthermore promoting that Jesus is the only one who could perceive God when Jesus himself speaks highly of the one being sent after him, i.e Muhammad who confirmed him and speaks highly of him. Even coming with a divinely protected scripture and all. 

However you are correct on your point about beards - God judged by the heart and deeds not by the appearance. I think you'll find that the beard thing is promoted in the Haddith literature and not in the Quran though - in fact the Quran has a rather negative view of Haddith literature. 


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..  dont have anything against any religion , but there is big difference between book written in a skies  and book that some sinful sick human psycho mind wrote to manipulate humanity for his private interests  , .... 


just check latest book and preaching of Religion Corona business and how it discriminates and uses people  and turning people against each other .

i mean we could do business now and establish Corona Church with very nice book asking people to pay to our bankers bank account  ,

and that would be expanded private business in format of  religion like Islam,  Chrisitanity or Judaism .



people who understood creator and found God cannot have religious identity or religion name  , 

because every living being identity can be only Cosmic. 


...  and its a true Cosmic Creator  as God over all others who gave me brain and told me to tell you and write this  truth  .... and here it is : 



probably you not gonna like this story but somebody has to say truth and truth is more important than what you might believe or think ,..... ,

and its   by plenty of evidence shown that  islam is religion  runned by imperialists and criminals who got rich by running slavery business like criminal oligarchic system Saudi Harem Caesar of Arabia  ,.....

Islam is like Windows Program by Bill Gates , its all bullshit  made to screw people in the end , ... religion or God will never have a throne because God  doesnt need throne , ........  imperial entertainment for brainless people with no real thinking and no education , ... throne discriminates people , throne is criminal system .


islam or throne or whatever religion , they talk one thing to get trust while their other hand is in other peoples pocket stealing  jewelry , lands and wallets , ...... 


and you can even put it this way ,.... there is lot of nice innocent animals , ... and just like hungry beasts todays muslims like innocent friendly  good animals because friendly innocent animals are easiest to catch and muslims  like to grill them on barbecue to have private satisfaction  ,  .. its a same with a good friendship


... of course there is lot of good muslims  people ,... but they are used as slaves by Islam ....


..... islam doesnt care of gods creation and animal innocence ,. ... so even islam is teaching muslims to be good slaves , obey orders and be  innocent lambs like those good animals  on barbecue


its beacause islam is invented by Pharao Ra and his private empire agency of slaveowners  ,

Pharao thought that he is Sun God and its teaching people to be his slaves just like religion is teaching  muslims to be slaves and then using muslims by enslaving them in every possible way to build pyramids to Saudi Caesar Solomon Pharao ,

... muslim people are enslaved and  have psychological problems and then they are commiting suicides and killing themselves for benefit of their slaveowners ,  


...  Islamic Quran is imperial book written by nonmuslims and criminals  with goal to enslave muslim people and steal peoples energy ,... 

muslims are glorifying criminals  , in islam criminals are upper class while  working class are lower class ,

you can see how muslims are materialistically hypnotized to like gold and money , its all materialistic , its not spiritual .


Quran is same imperial book  just like Bible is imperial  book written by nonchristians and criminals with a goal to enslave christian people and steal peoples energy ,.

.... and its same with Judaism , judaism is teaching people to dictate and discriminate each other on basis of  peoples  wealth , status , class and genetics , its a nonhuman religion .


 ... Religion is pharaonic imperial slavery oligarchic  system training people to obey dictate orders and be good slaves  to their slaveowners , .... 

just like Pharao had his dictate book  to enslave the world or just like roman empire european and american colonialists were enslaving africans and europeans . ..


Its a code programming into slavery operating system .  .. Sure , its criminal minds  and mostly psychos  who are using  disinformed uneducated  people by telling them always some kind of fairytales , ..


its like Jimmy Savile writing Holy Book to get closer to his victims and then Holy Saudi Harem Prince Dick will come and Holy Vatican imperial oligarchy can have sex orgy with sexslave kids  and naked nuns at Virgin Islands Solomons Temple Harem , Saudi Harem  or Vatican Oligarchy Knightclub Cathedral .


After all you find organized pedophilia in Islam , Christianity and Judaism . And thats a private busines of world dictate slaveowners empire that all working class people are today fighting against .





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Hi, I found the video kind of disturbing, even though I am a Muslim. Honestly I couldn't watch it all, but could not find anything concerning the topic of God's Throne. 


Personally I have found connections between Taoist concept of the eight trigrams, which are like the 8 aspects and building blocks of all creations, and the Islamic concept of God's throne. In the Quran the throne is said to be carried by 8 "angels", while the Arabic word for angel is Malak, which is rooted in the meaning for "owner" . So the 8 trigrams, where each "gram" is either yin or yang, resembles the concept of all creations emerging into the countless programs of the creations. Each of the 8 resonates with certain things in life, including environmental things or organs in our body. 


I believe that the evil satanics are well aware of this, and keep this information for themselves, which can also be seen in the occult project called CERN, where the "collision" tunnel that supposedly recreates the big bang, consists of 8 sides surrounding it, if we look at a cross section of it. 


The 8 creations that resonate with the 8 trigrams in Taoism (also from Islam) include among others earth and fire. The way Adam was represented, and the meaning of the name is linked to 'earth'. While Satan in the story of Eden is said to represent to fire realm. In the Quran, a Satan by the name of iblis was described as part of a group of angels who were told to accept Adam as their leader. The Satan iblis is described as a jinn, which resonate with fire, rather than earth. It is imortant to note here that the term Satan is used for both earth creatures ('insan' pl. in Arabic), as well as Jinn, who are fire representatives. So there are good jinn, and both ins and jinn can occur in the shape of animals. In the Quran, we have some ins descendants of Israel turned into pigs and apes for instance. But when it comes to reptiles, it is usually considered to be from among the jinn. This corresponds to our Christian brothers interpretation of the Satan nemesis of Adam having been in the form of a snake. 

Unlike what most people think, jinn and ins both can appear in the form of men and women, as in the chapter of jinn it is clearly described that there men among the jinn. Also from prophetic sources we have the same information. Angels in general can come in shape of animals and humans (meaning of men). 


So this leads to the reptilian theory of David Icke. The Atlantean race that was mostly wiped out by the great deluge, were said to be descended of the jinn as described in the Bible as nephilim, when fallen angels mated with daughters of men. Those fallen angels look like humans, while their personality and composition is more leaning to a fiery feel. Those dragon people, who are said to be descendents of iblis and other jinn Satans, are the ones ruling the world today. And they do resonate with cold blooded creatures such as snakes, and reptiles. 

But it is imortant to note that we are all mixed and intermarriage occurred between all. So we all have a unique ratio of "blood" or "genes" from either fire people or earth people, among others. It is simply what choices we take in life by the will of God, that determines which genes are expressed. And finally, I believe that the children of Adam will eventually gain their rightful position as leaders of the creatures, by having an earthly angel/Malek as leader of the other 7 ones, while they all worship and carry the "Throne" together. The day in which the throne is carried in a harmonious and eternally peaceful way still hasn't come yet, but it is exciting to see it happen soon God willing. 




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