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What's the deal with Manly P Hall?

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As I understand he was a American scholar who had access to and made a study of occult knowledge. Worth listening too as he had the mindset to make a logical study of it and turn out conclusions. I've read a couple of his books.


I think its people like him we should be listening too same as Prof Carol Quigley another scholar given access to otherwise normally inaccessible records to study and gave us his conclusions.


While I think educational institutions are corrupt, by going along with political agenda's rather than speaking out against them, there are some good people in there and occasionally we get nuggets of golden knowledge from them. 


Happily not all science is bad and some with scholarly backgrounds do do some interesting work. I think Manly P Hall is one of them and worth contemplating his material.

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On 3/3/2021 at 5:14 AM, Incandescent said:

You always hear about how Freemasonry is so secretive, but this guy never shut up in telling the world about its secrets. 

That's because he wasn't a freemason.  He just received an honorary degree from them for work he did on his own.


Freemasonry could never produce someone as brilliant as Manly P Hall.  It's a joke.

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Freemasonic secrets are probably more to do with their corrupt business dealings, back handers and blind eyes. The actual craft of Masonry is freely available from many sources, even the Bible.


The rituals they use to impart these ideas where secretive but not anymore. As it was said a time will come when man will receive great knowledge.

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