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Next Control Method is Here


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To understand what is going on I force myself to read/watch msm reports and what propaganda is being utilised.

The American domestic  control force is now being directed to bear down on the "Domestic Terrorism Threat" and I am hearing this rhetoric from other countries. The scarey part of this thought pattern is that there is no truly defined definition of "terrorism" other than the fact that it is something that goes against the establishment...

This "War on Terrorism" now includes your friends neighbours and countrymen. 


Not sure but I got a feeling that this was done before by socialist/communist countries.



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What’s been done for one year and keeps being carried on had never been seen anywhere in the world in men’s History… whether restrictions ever get lifted or the mandatory mask wear maintained indefinitely as a ‘new normal’, what’s been insidiously enforced in the process is a dictatorship disguised as a ‘crusade for public health’, so basically what’s been done for decades by NGO’s and ‘charities’ in the ‘third-world’ is now being done by the same Western authorities but locally and to their own peoples…


It depresses me to think so but I guess what we must understand is that the relative freedom we've known and enjoyed from now on belongs to the PAST, that the dictatorship is ‘medical’ and that we’ve had way enough time to see it coming… but all those self-claimed world organizations and ‘authorities’ that imposed themselves through imposture, corruption and blackmail, them and their local agencies all headed and run by and from the USA were let grow the power they’re now abusing against a once free Western population…


Here where I live we got a free parliamentary TV channel where we can see our elected state men debating in session or invited by specialized journalists in TV studios, and it’s the ONLY channel where both speakers and their guests ALL and ALWAYS appear wearing masks as well as parliamentarians in session… the message is clearly sent that our government and institutions which were the guardians of our rights as free citizens have now been SILENCED, and that the power no longer belongs to them… this is confirmed by the fact that our ministers and presidents wear the mask too when appearing on TV and even outdoor where nothing forces them to so it’s not by their own will and to ‘show the example’, but because they were ORDERED to do so… how many times did you see Putin wearing a mask ? so wonder who’re the ones allowing themselves to command West European leaders…


It sure gets less convincing or ‘breathtaking’ once duly moderated mainly by using quotation marks, but I think they’re the kind of things we should focus on and think about instead of wasting our time and temper getting mad at those deliberately put in the foreground for that purpose, because if people were made think more about what’s really going on than about who’s doing it then maybe they’d realize how fake it all is, and maybe people would at last feel ashamed of wearing masks in the street or in their car…


It belongs to people to make our daily reality recover the most normal appearance as possible instead of staying ‘positive’ while crawling on their knees, and it would make it more difficult for the concerned ‘elites’ to abuse in broad daylight seemingly free and educated people keeping their dignity than idiots complying out of fear even beyond what they’re imposed… our fellowmen are making all what's happening much easier... 



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