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Covid Child Abuse: Idiotic Parents and Moronic Health Nazis


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1 hour ago, DarianF said:

Mother to autistic child: "You don't want to wear a mask? It doesn't hurt to wear a mask, you know?... Everybody has to wear a mask."




I rarely call women cunts but in this case - a case of child abuse - it's appropriate! 🤢

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Just now, SickOfItAll said:

Damnet DarianF, you make my killerinstinct rise yet again. Fakkin evil cunts, both parents and the puppetmasters.


I won't lie. I have been permanently psychologically damaged by collating these videos and forcing myself to watch them.

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13 hours ago, TFH said:

When I find myself getting too happy, I come to this thread and watch a couple of vids of these.. FUCKHEAD parents! 


Sorts me right out and 5 mins later I'm crashing back down again.




Well, next time you're accidentally feeling too happy, watch this 🤣...



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