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Covid Child Abuse: Idiotic Parents and Moronic Health Nazis


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I can see how some of these morons have bought into this. There is a coldness with some modern parents that has disturbed me long before this. You only need look at the McCann sympathizers to see this. My OH and I have always spontaneously and naturally smiled at cute babies and children with normal human warmth that people should have. We have had to almost stop ourselves reacting in this way due to getting glares as if we are paedophiles by some people - so heart breaking. My dad would roll in his grave at this lack of humane warmth. Society really has gone mad! 😟

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Many otherwise intelligent people are completely brainwashed and don't even seem to know that JVCI said that the risks for kids outweighed the benefits. Someone I know was complaining that son's new school (just gone to secondary) couldn't do online learning unless 10% of kids or teachers are off sick, so education is being disrupted - then added:
"Counting down the months until he can get vaccinated." 

I felt like saying, "Get the f-ing teachers to do their job and stop being such snowflakes as all studies have shown that teaching is an extremely safe job", but I said nothing - no point.

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