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Covid Child Abuse: Idiotic Parents and Moronic Health Nazis

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I just can't believe how many thousands of these videos there are. I was horrified. I'm also collecting scientific studies on the dangers of mask wearing. Just unbelievable how these idiots force it o

And when you get less oxygen, brain cells die.   I was involved in a study with dogs, emphasis on tracker dogs. We did all kinds of MRI and other scans, trained the dogs to do quite complex

the global awakening March , 20th  2021  

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@Pina Colada Talking about righteous anger, look at this shit. Makes me boil...


Why mask mandates for kids continue even as case numbers go down



Children Ineligible for Vaccine Should Continue Wearing Masks, Health Experts Say


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Children as young as 6 months old now in COVID-19 vaccine trials



Pfizer and Moderna Begin COVID Vaccine Trials on Children as Young as 6 Months Old



'Reasonable risk': As parents await a vaccine for kids, one family takes part in vaccine research



Why Three Families Entered Kids in a COVID Vaccine Trial


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17 minutes ago, Pina Colada said:

And they use that still of him to imply that his manhood is diminutive for saying kids wearing masks outside is abuse.



How he is still on the air, I have no idea.

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23 minutes ago, Pina Colada said:

There are no words.

Or emojis.

Do I laugh or cry?

True Horror, that's for sure!!


I cry. I laugh. Depends on the day.

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