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Psychological Torture Nils Melzer UN report

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Hi Deca,


Good to see that someone on here has the right idea.


I have reported my encounters with the GCHQ(I actually met them in person in 2015) to the United Nations in Geneva twice now. The first time I received a positive response and the torture went away completely for an entire year within a week of delivering my 8 page report. As you may be aware it is the torture and end of life services division of the GCHQ otherwise known as the JTRIG who are responsible for the torture/unlawful killing of British citizens in the UK.

I have a lot of very specific information on the subject if you are at all interested in finding out more including very detailed information about the voice of god, synthetic telepathy and the kinds of influence that they are able to exert by using microwave technologies on the brain stem, the most important of which is a condition known as hypoxia. By starving the brain and body of oxygen it has a terrible impact on mood, coordination, the ability to think clearly as well as diminishing your energy levels considerably. There have been times when I have considered calling an ambulance and I am a healthy 39 year old. If I was in my 80s with repository problems I imagine that I could be killed remotely very easily by this method.


Please feel free to contact me if you would like to talk to someone who may be able to provide you with some additional insight.


Hope this helps



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