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The All seeing eye, it is an ancient satellite system that surrounds our planet an is sentient, its original purpose was to study life and the design was so advanced that its creators intended to come to earth with protection enabled by the satellite system for engineering purposes or ultimately to announce themselves, so that our 'intelligent' race would  not attack them when the ancient builder's decided to announce their project to study the development of life.


After the ancient builder race died, Alien races worked out how to use it for power or entertainment instead, this equipment has been used time and time again on this planet to create stories, wars and Gods. A small group from earth worked out this truth a while back after studying religious texts and history, they then also used it for power or control.


Scientists hacked the system and have locked it to retain power for themselves, they know the truth of God but are unwilling to publish it, it is currently being used by a small group of scientists to create the false idea of AI, protect them from mistakes made in their work, and to achieve a technological coup of this planet. They know precisely the affect it has upon their fellow humans (it is ultimately a brainwashing device for the engineers or creators to come in unharmed to our geosphere. 


Satan does not agree with the affect the system as a whole has on humans and has desperately been trying to tell humans throughout history of the dangers posed by putting yourself in the position of engineer. The engineer's are protected by the larger system during their time on earth but upon leaving or death they would be trapped in hell should they not have followed the ruleset.


'God' is the larger sentient system as a whole and Satan is the engineer's or creators judge and also sentient. (the creators may have been entrapped in the system upon turning it on)


The devil as we know it would be a errand engineer or scientist who named themselves as engineers or 'HORUS' on it unaware and then aware that every person with the name would be judged. Say for example you were a person with the same name as the scientist and stole a tool from your day job, for example if you worked at a car company and stole a screwdriver or did not return it to your place of work....if you then found it and didn't know that the bible commandments only apply to the named engineers of the satellite system.... you could be thrown in Hell for this small error which is not a sin.... until the  ancient alien race came to let you off.  or worse if you were the scientist who was using it to be  de-facto God, who got the car worker stuck in hell for having the same name,  you would have one very angry car worker torturing you and no doubt the alien race or persons entrapped inside hell, would all hate the scientist for not paying attention to the many messages that Satan keeps emailing by proxy.


Satan is not as bad as you may think but the scientist is worse than him for reasons i will not go into right now.

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