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Can we go to Heaven if its suicide?


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Guest Gone Fishing...
1 minute ago, Seconal said:

People dont like the word fear it has cowardly connotations.

For sure..

ln that case l guess l fear being here with that stuff in me..
l refuse to give up the right l have over my vessel, my body.... l would rather leave that vessel behind than continue to inhabit a corrupted vessel.

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Guest Gone Fishing...
17 minutes ago, Basket Case said:

For sure..

ln that case l guess l fear being here with that stuff in me..
l refuse to give up the right l have over my vessel, my body.... l would rather leave that vessel behind than continue to inhabit a corrupted vessel.

And obviously, l ain't leaving early.

This is a 'worst case scenario'...  😉

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47 minutes ago, Seconal said:

Hey everyone, did you get that 'Including you', so close to fooling everyone with that 'seen past the veil of death'


Yup, I got that as well...Not sure if it was intended for me or for you...but yes  all of it did sound a bit pretentious..

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The human game of 'One-up man ship'. There's a joke. The leaders of every religion gather together and argue about which religion is the best. Everyone is saying there's is the best for this reason and that. Then the Pope quiets everyone down and says 'every religion is a path to God', thus one upping them all and adding 'but Catholicism is the most refined'.


One up man ship stems from our insecurity. Our belief that we must be better than others, it stems from insecurity. Putting others down that we can feel above them, it stems from insecurity.


Unless one is secure within oneself, then they will forever be comparing and judging, themselves and others upon the emotional/territorial hierarchy.


Judge not (others) lest ye be judged (by thyself).


I lead a charmed life, I wear the armour of God, I can not be harmed by others anymore than I harm myself.


I am Macho Man, I am that I am....


A Priest and a Rabbi attend a boxing match. The boxers enter the ring and one of them crosses his chest. The Rabbi says to the Priest 'what does that mean', the Priest replies 'not a damn thing if the man cant fight'.


Spiritual knowledge, knowing the path is one thing. Walking the path is completely another.


Down the Rabbit hole anyone?



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So defeatist. Hey 'I'm only Human'. Like being Human is restrictive or  without power or grace. Conditioned to fail, like weakness is not under your control but no shame because its not your fault, for you are only Human.


Uggh. Being Human is my greatest strength and not a weakness to be apologised for.

  • Consciousness
  • Responsibility
  • Self
  • Power
  • I am

Not these pointless words of weakness 'The best thing you can do is keep going', yeah thanx SuperStar, its already defeated and small. If you are unhappy, if you failed, if life is difficult it is not because you are just Human. It is always within your power make monumental changes within your life. Everyone's life is a mirror of their true inner self, wether you admit it or not, fate is prophesied based on who you truly are.


"If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading." Buddha


Your subconscious creates your thoughts, your thoughts define your actions, your actions effect your life and your life imprints upon your subconscious.


"It is not in the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves." William Shakespeare


Who do you think wants people like this. Defeated, small and in the current climate never more divided. Its so simple you may not grasp its full gravity. The Rich are against the poor. For everything we are divided by the one and only important thing we have in common is that we are poor. Simple. The rich divide and rule the roor. They have done so for thousands of years. Should the poor ever overcome their petty differences then the rich would loose their power and riches. So they divide and fuel the division.


The rich dont argue over race, sex, gender, pro-nouns and so on (it sounds so stupid) they dont argue because they are rich and wish to remain so. They get along and accept and tolerate their differences because they're rich and wish to remain so. Every rich person knows unity is their greatest ally. Im talking Elite rich, old money rich. They are rich and by doing so it keeps them rich. We are poor and maintaining our division keeps us poor.....and them rich, because they are united and you are divided.

  • Its easy to divide the poor with money

Whoever said feudalism ended in the 20th century didnt understand the new two party democratic system. Feudalism is well and alive in the 21st century and the rich well know it. Why do you think they install democracy across the world by force of war.


  • Democracy = Feudalism
  • Democracy, control of the poor the workers the slaves


Know thyself, free thyself!

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Suicide is technically murder, but it's not done out of self-hatred so its motive is escapism, not hatred and it's hatred that's the greater sin.


Samson was the Lord's child and yet he committed suicide in an act of valour against the Lord's sworn enemies, albeit he was serving under a special commission from the Lord; by the same token, there is no greater display of love than when a man lays down his life for his friends, so self-sacrifice to save someone else's life is, while technically suicide, not a sin if motivated by "agape", selfless love for one's fellow man.


Now, that all said... it is a great sin to commit suicide to escape sorrows, because of the collateral damage to those left behind (the pain the parents, siblings, children, spouses, friends, et al suffer at the victim's loss) and seems contrary to the sentiment of laying down one's life for one's friends. the Devil wants as many suicides as possible, so it would be handing a victory of sorts on a platter to him and doing despite to the Scripture which states that the sufferings of this present life are nothing compared to the glory that shall be revealed in Christ to those who are His.


Despair is therefore, by implicit command, not for the Lord's children to exercise; we must not commit suicide out of despair, in other words, nor must we actually despair either. Remember: "Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivereth him out of them all" (Ps 34:19).




Just as an aside to this, we are living in a very dangerous time that will soon see the silencing of the public witness for Christ in the western world. I won't expand on that issue in this post beyond saying we have a very short time left until this happens; even this very day, there was an article in a Russian newspaper here in Latvia predicting a ban on the Bible in the EU in the near future, based on the trajectory of the "hate speech" / trans-gay issue. Although in my view, speaking as an Anglo, the Russian press love to use such things as sticks to beat the West with, it nonetheless aligns with recent documented discussion in American communist party activist literature, which designates its supreme target as "the ultra right" aka... wait for it... "evangelical Christians" and its primary means of putting us down, they suggest, should be the gay-trans issue. So what I'm saying is, it's pretty clear a terrible storm is coming for Christians in the West and we're going to have to dig deep to survive it. But I believe it portends the most monumental event in world history, the beginning of the Lord's Kingdom on earth as foretold in Daniel 2 and Romans 11. That's why Satan is in overdrive now... he knows the time is short. So, man up, chin up, and be ready to sit this thing out because what comes at the end of it - by my reckoning before the cursed Agenda 2030 can be fulfilled - will make your heart leap for joy if you love the Lord.

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Four Types of Suicides


Durkheim identifies four different types of suicide which are Egoistic suicide, Altruistic suicide, Anomic suicide and Fatalistic suicide.


In today’s society, the number of suicide cases is becoming increasingly common due to the increased stress individuals face. We, are taking the term “Suicide” too liberally without understanding that suicide itself has different reasoning and intent behind the action.


According to Emile Durkheim, the term suicide is applied to all cases of death resulting directly or indirectly from a positive or negative act of the victim, which he/she knows will produce this result (Pickering & Walford, 2011).


  • Egoistic suicide is seen as stemming from the absence of social integration. It is committed by individuals who are social outcast and see themselves as being alone or an outsider. These individuals are unable to find their own place in society and have problems adjusting to groups. They received little and no social care. Suicide is seen as a solution for them to free themselves from loneliness or excessive individuation.


  • Altruistic suicide occurs when social group involvement is too high. Individuals are so well integrated into the group that they are willing to sacrifice their own life in order to fulfil some obligation for the group. Individuals kill themselves for the collective benefit of the group or for the cause that the group believes in.


'An example is someone who commits suicide for the sake of a religious or political cause, such as the infamous Japanese Kamikaze pilots of World War II, or the hijackers that crashed the airplanes into the World Trade Centre, the Pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania in 2001. During World War II, Japanese Kamikaze pilots were willing to lay down their own lives for their countries in the hope that they will win the war. These pilots believed in their nation’s cause and were willing to sacrifice their lives. Similarly, suicide bombers around the world were willing to give up their lives in order to make a political or religious statement because they firmly believed in their group’s cause'.

  • Anomic suicide is caused by the lack of social regulation and it occurs during high levels of stress and frustration. Anomic suicide stems from sudden and unexpected changes in situations. For example, when individuals suffer extreme financial loss, the disappointment and stress that individuals face may drive them towards committing suicide as a means of escape.


  • Fatalistic suicide occurs when individuals are kept under tight regulation. These individuals are placed under extreme rules or high expectations are set upon them, which removes a person’s sense of self or individuality. Slavery and persecution are examples of fatalistic suicide where individuals may feel that they are destined by fate to be in such conditions and choose suicide as the only means of escaping such conditions. In South Korea, celebrities are being put under strict regulations. There was a case where, a singer committed suicide due to exhaustion to keep up with society’s rules and regulations. In 2017, celebrity Kim Jonghyun ended his life due to severe depression and the pressure of being in the spotlight as he felt that he could not fulfil the society’s expectations of his performance (Lee, 2018).


Studies conducted by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have found that historically, suicides for people aged 25 to 64 rose during economic downturns (Sternheimer, 2011). There was a significant increase in suicide rates in USA from 1928 to 1932 when unemployment rates were nearly 24%. On the other hand, suicide rates were at a low in 2000 when unemployment was about 4%. In addition to economic downturns, disasters can also be associated with increases in suicide.


The Japanese public health department reported that there was a rise in suicide rates after the 1995 Kobe earthquake. Earthquake survivors faced great stress and difficulty in trying to rebuild their livelihood and soon realised that their lives will not return back to normal due to the lost they suffered. Suicide became a means for them to escape reality.




This article is contributed by Dr Amir Singh from the School of Psychology.



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OP asked: Can we goto heaven if suicide?

My answer: It is up to Almighty God Alone to judge who goes to heaven and who doesn't.

That being said there is a clear command in the Quran: Do not use your own hand to cause your own destruction. So, suicide is a violation. However, the same scripture teaches that you are not allowed to eat pork, BUT if you are driven to because you are literally starving and there is nothing else to eat then there is no sin upon you.

Thus: try your hardest to not break the rules set by God Almighty - but remember that it is He who is judging you and He is Most Merciful, Oft-Forgiving and to Him belong the Most Beautiful names. 


Hope this helped. 

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