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Brain chips to improve mental health

Mikhail Liebestein

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Brain chips to improve mental health and exoskeletons to make us stronger: Major study predicts how we will use technology to 'upgrade' our lives and ourselves over the next 10 years



  • Advertising firm dentsu compiled a detailed report into life over the next decade
  • This includes changes to medicine, recreation, work and our consumer habits
  • They predict our bodies will become increasingly augmented by the late 2020s
  • This will include the use of exoskeletons, brain interface chips and gene editing
  • The study authors also predict we will see a few very large firms take on aspects of every day life from shopping to healthcare over the next decade 
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great, we'll soon be able to shop with five arms and an extra little hand by the ear to hold the iphone... that's as soon as the lockdowns end and if there's still a few oxygen to breath on Earth, but these are minors considerations compared to the miraculous progress of 'Science'...



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always seeking to treat the symptom of the illness - never looking for its cause.


lets continue to treat the mental illness - but never stop to ask why the fuck humans are becoming more & more riddled with angst.


like giving a muthafucka a band aid - for his stab wound.


& the problem is...without knowledge of self...people will lap it up - why wouldnt they, theyre hurting out this bitch.


but the same hand that offers you bread now - is the same one that's been starving you.



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