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Gastón Cornu

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Simple and effective suggestion to consider.

To deal with the following: “You are not wearing a mask. Shame on you!”

The comeback question: “I see you are wearing one (maybe 2 or 3...). Do you believe this/these mask/s protects you?”

The likely answer: ”Yes, of course!”

The next comeback: “Then, if you are protected, why do you care if I am wearing one or not? Mind your own business and let me be!”

This may suffice but it is good to take it a step further and do reverse-shaming:  “if you are dominated and ruled by fear, why would you want to impose your fear on me? Go in peace, live with your fear and let others go about their lives how ever they choose.”


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If a face diaper prevents germs and viruses from passing then you should be able to pass gas without any nose being offended. 

Being realistic you might want to remember the simple but honestly true statement as it will help you deal with such encounters 


You Can't Fix


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