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Fake COVID's Mantra for Fake Vaccines ' "Get it into the arms..."


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"Get it into the arms" of people. I'm so sick of reading this over and over by Pig Pharma's murderous fake vaccine supporters in "news" articles. In one short article alone, by NPR, the phrase "get it into the arms" was used at least 8 times; likewise this sickening psychopaths' phrase is frequently repeated in numerous articles as well as in videos. It is the psychopaths' mantra, brainwashing people into supporting and coercing this lethal jab into the arms of the innocents.

I'm also sickened by photos and videos everywhere of people's arms being injected by this murderous fake vaccine. It truly is a form of brainwashing when they repeat the phrase and the photos of this murder campaign virtually everywhere. 

I detest NPR, as well as other mainstream "news", but I only subscribe to its newsletter so I can keep up with the state level decisions and mandates by our slimy governor and the federal decisions and mandates by the Nazi-like CDC ( more appropriately renamed by me as the Center for Disinformation & Corruption).

Furthermore, it is detestable that any "news" agency shoots and or shows photos of hospital patients in hospital beds where the patients are totally vulnerable and controlled by the Nazi-like medical staff and are practically naked (in USA at least_ in those despicable "johnnies" that patients are forced to wear with no underwear so that all of their intimate body areas are fully accessible by the sexually abusive staff for various medical rapes via unconsented catheterizations, pelvic exams, PAP Smears, vaginal sonograms, rectal probes, and colonoscopies, as well as the sexually abusive breast exams and the routine stripping and bathing of patients (often by the opposite gender)  and exposing of heir naked intimate body parts to anyone who happens to be nearby. 

Consent is only true consent when the patient is fully informed and gives absolute consent without any bullying, lying, badgering, ridiculing shaming, blackmailing, or force by drugs and/or restraints by medical staff and/or straps to hold them down. Hospitals are like prison camps where patient modesty is obscenely violated and patients' rights  are totally violated. Hospitals are prisons, and patients are treated like criminals and cattle. 

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